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Friday, January 1, 2010

SUMMARY of Stock Exchange and WORLD Economy Prediction 2009

2009 World Economy Prediction that I made at 1 January 2009 here:

1. Great Depression, worst since 1930. Many bank and BIG company got bankrupt like General motor, Ford, Citi Bank, AXA, etc. Happened large scale fraud by the financial institutions like Maddof company. Truly Happened.

2. Oil price sideways 35$ - 44$ to 60$ - 75$. Now oil price in 79$. Still Stable. Truly Happened.

3. Gold price goes up slowly into 1000$, begin in about 600$ now 1079$. It has been increased about 80%. SURELY AND SLOWLY!!!
Truly Happened.

4. US, Europe, and Japan show an economic slowdown in 2009. Truly Happened. Economy get better in the middle of year 2009. Check picture below Japan stock exchange (Nikkei 255) :

Nikkei 255

5. 2009 will be one of the worst economic periods in U.S. history. Truly Happened. That only happened in two early period than its move slowly up. Check Picture below :

Dow Jones Industrial

6. Economy 2009 for Developing Countries in the area to be 4-5 percent growth. Indonesia economy grow about 4.3 percent this year! Truly Happened.

7. More Trouble Finding or Keeping A Job in 2009. Many person till this time will be unemployment. Truly Happened.

MY Advice at first 2009 here, said that chose Mining sector as PTBA (Tambang Batubara Bukit Asam Tbk), ANTM (Aneka Tambang Tbk), TINS (Timah Tbk). Or Crude Palm Oil sector Like AALI (Astra Agro Lestari Tbk) and SGRO (Sampoerna Agro Tbk).

TINS : Price 1260 (January 2009) è Price 2000 (December 2009).

ANTM : Price 1230 (January 2009) è Price 2200 (December 2009).

PTBA : Price 7850 (January 2009) è Price 17250 (December 2009).

AALI : Price 11750 (January 2009) è Price 22750 (December 2009).

SGRO : Price 1310 (January 2009) è Price 2700 (December 2009).

They all increase more than 75% since January price. Truly Happened.

MY OWN PORTFOLIO First 2009 and Last 2009 :

In January 2009 My money Rp 10.754.940 and NOW RP 21.544.035. It was increase about 100%. I used safe middle term investing.

ALL means during the year 2009 my way to work right enough^^. HOPE IN 2010 I CAN HELP YOU AGAIN!!!! Nice and safe trading


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