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Monday, November 30, 2009


European union economy bounce back with the recovery signal based on data from EUROSTAT (November 09). This condition indicated by increasing The annual inflation that reached 0.6% on November. This exceeds the analyst estimate that the annual inflation exceeds 0.5%. it will give a good impact for the European economy.

Dubai, concern in credit crunch will affect the economic conditions of other countries and uncertainty of how much exposure of U.S banks in Dubai. Dubai world’s debt isn’t guaranteed by the government. More news here

U.S stock index will still positive with optimistic about holiday sales season on December.

Indonesia, with the problem of CENTURY Bank will bring a number of government officials into court. Finance minister Sri Mulyani and Vice president Boediono will be guided by some politic parties to resign from his or her position. This problem is also related to the diversion of funds by Century Bank. One billion rupiah ran on the hands of partai Demokrat which carried Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono as President. This BAD NEWS can be BAD to invite foreign investors.

MY suggestion dont put all your money at IHSG(Indonesia stock exchange)!! At least 50% you hold.

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Friday, November 27, 2009

How to Claim your blog in Technorati

One of the ways that can help to improve your page rank blog is register your blog into Technocrati. After you open an account, register your website or blog. After two days Technocrati will give you an email. Inside that email there is an unique token code. Token code number like 8RVZ3PYVUTJJ. After that create post in your blog that show your own token number. Just like this post.

After post, Claim your blog at There under you’re your blog snapshot there is a button call “check claim”, press that button. And Technocrati will verify it. If error they will show something like this one “Nov 27, 2009. We could not find the claim token EQ8UTB6JZMSY in any posts in your feed. Please make sure that you have entered it correctly in a post body and that the token appears in the feed whose URL you have given us. Once you are sure we should be able to find the claim token, use "Update Site Feed URL" so that we can check again.”

If they receive claim your blog, they will verify.

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Technocrati claim token

One of the ways that can help to improve your page rank blog is register your blog into Technocrati. After you open an account, register your website or blog. After two days Technocrati will give you an email. Inside that email there is an unique token code. Token code number like EQ8UTB6JZMSY. After that create post in your blog that show your own token number. Just like this post.

After post, Claim your blog at There under you’re your blog snapshot there is a button call “check claim”, press that button. And Technocrati will verify it.

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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Modify your CAR


Do you like the picture above? Do you like modifying a car? At this time there is nothing wrong to change the look of your standard car be more attractive. There are three side to modify a car, Interior , exterior, and engine. The interior consists of steering wheels, audio, hitch, pedal shift, GPS, speedometer, leather, chair, etc. The exterior side like spoiler, lamp, hood, wing, color, bull guard, wheels. The last thing is the ENGINE SIDE, usually they are not satisfied with the standard cars ability, so they need more power and speed. Like : Turbo, exhaust, air intake, engine.

If you like modifying cars, but was afraid because things are not good-made quality. Try buy from this site They will guide you how modify your car, whatever your car or your brand. They sold more than 40 brand’s accessories car like Honda accessories, Aston martin accessories, Volkswagen accessories, BMW accessories, Mercedes accessories, etc.

When you buy they will serve you with good service and delivery. The price of the displayed goods affordable. Goods are sold from the famous brand that can be guaranteed quality. If you need more information and question please email Below is a sample picture of the goods sold.



honda accord spoiler

Spoilers and Wing

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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Suggested stock 23 november untill 26 november

!!!For Indonesia stock exchange ONLYY!!!

What is good stock to buy in the SIDEWAYS TREND??


-Fast Day Trade, Buy 2350 Sell 2400/2425

-Long trade, first buy 2350, second buy 2425. Sell 2700.


- Fast trade. Buy 1960. Sell 2000

-Long Trade. First buy 2020, second 2050.


-Fast trade. Buy 2350. Sell 2425

-there is no long trade because stock is on the TOP.


-Buy it when reach MA30, 2600-2650 point. Sell 3000 next 3300. Cut loss at 2500.


-If back into MA30, BUY it (770 point). Sell 880.

INCO not recommended to buy

-already in DOWN TREND you must sell, and change into the other good stock.

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Dow bull but IHSG still side

Dow Jones Industrial chart

Check here

I told you before that Dow will from small Bear, it already happened. How I predict it?? It is very simple. -Look A line, when candlestick reach that line, always back down. A line it’s a good and strong resistance.

-Look B circle MACD (Technical line), distance between red line and blue line already wide, need to get closer again.

Now candlestick moved down into moving average 30 days. BUY when reach MA30, and set sell stop 5% below it.

Technical condition show BULLISH, why:

-Relative strength index still above 50% line

-Momentum 200 days also above momentum MA 200days.

-All moving average move up UP UP.


How about IHSG (Indonesia Stock Exchange):

IHSG chart

-Relative Strength index POOR


-All Moving Average 30, 40, 60 days, even Bollinger band show SIDEWAYS position.

-Only momentum 200days indicate bull trend.

Conclusion, IHSG still slow BULL in annual period because momentum 200days show that. But in monthly period still SIDEWAYS.

My suggestion buy but not will all your money, buy 50% and spend 50% again when IHSG move above 2530 point (BIG RESISTANCE).

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Special and Private Gift

Is your marriage in trouble? Or need more color in it. Anticipatory give something personal to your partner, something private to increase your relationship.

You should try to buy Gown, babydoll or Corsets & Bustiers show your love sign. Furthermore, the best investment in the activities you and your partner have loved. He's going to appreciate your efforts, even if it will not 100 percent fit for him. So, provide free time and do your best.

Tips for you, choose the most comfortable one. There are a variety of lingerie materials, such as lace, satin, silk, cotton, leather, Lycra and polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Lace and satin ads a feminine, while more fit cotton clothing to bed every day. So choose a special accent. PVC's rather difficult to find the right size, because these materials tend to be inflexible. Lycra is very tight and highlight curves better. If you are not feeling comfortable, should avoid these ingredients and choose the other.

Many online shops sell that thing and one of them is Other than selling baby doll, it also sold lingerie, Gown, Political t-shirt, Christmas’s cloth, garter sets, etc. If you want to surprise your wife or husband there is no harm in trying. You can subscribe and get tip how to buy and choose the suitable one. Price of goods sold was affordable. It has new and up to date model and follow the current trends. Buy it and make your marriage partner happy.

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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Forex Introduction

Every day I do stock exchange transaction; there is nothing wrong if we try to learn FOREX. Forex (Foreign Exchange) is a type of transaction that buy and sell country’s currency against other currencies. It is an investment product that its nature liquid and international product (Can trade anywhere anyplace).

The velocity of money that happens in the forex market reach U.S $trillion per day. Forex has greater velocity when compared to other futures exchange like any commodity or stock market in every country anywhere in the world. Then from where I get benefit from this investment? Simple, the benefit of this investment from the difference in value when we buy and sell the currency.

I am warning you that, Forex more dangerous than stock exchange. Money can be lost just one second and need more money to play this. Seriously you need guide on forex trading. Forex trading has several advantages spare with the other financial product such as stock exchange or gold, like:

-Very liquid product, many dealer, broker, bank, company, and government play in forex market.

-Can trade 24 hours a day, 5 days a week, wherever we are.

-Very low transaction cost.

-Has two potential advantages (Up or down).

-You can trade more than your money you own with margin.

When I read Forex secrets for traders. There are some things must be considered. You must be discipline and do not bet all your money in this investment. Manage your financial is the most important thing. It can be your guide and giving you tips to play forex. More secret will give if you subscribe. Learn the basic of Forex before you lost money. If you want to know more about forex guide check HAPPY TRADING.

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Happy Mutual Family

In the present life can be separated from credit and health insurance. That both things support us to have good life mutual family (Mutuelle Familiale) life. But how we can manage it well.

In the middle of past faced life, the more common course of life with credit or debt. Easier you may owe, more “modern” your life. Look in modern country like America or European country, people there frequently asked credit and loan. They have good house, nice brand new car, furniture, new electronic device and many more. How got that BIG NEW HOUSE? Of course many people do Real Estate loan (Pret Immobilier) or Mortgage (Crédit Immobilier). They look like rich people, but in the inside they cannot pay for house hold needs. Many of them are not careful in making credit approval. My suggestion is prioritizing the needs of households and savings, than the credit. Choose good credit institutions which are not binding.

Health insurance much useful than credit. Although the illness not always come, but there is no certainly you always will be healthy. The cost of medical treatment is very expensive. On the other hand, everyone has limitation in the ability to pay medical treatment. Health insurance is way to spare and share risk. By paying small amount of money every month, then will receive compensation for pain condition or even death. You can feel save and happy mutual family (Mutuelle Familiale).

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Better play Casino online games than The Real One

In your spare time what activities what will you do? I usually play casino games and look stock market and stock prices in order not to get bored. Do not worry, in my country (Indonesia) gambling and casino are illegal activities, its only online game not the real one, you don’t have to bet your money to play. Just for FUN and Pleasure.

I tried to say about the good of Casino online games:

-Pleasure; have fun

-You don’t have to pay if you want. If you put money, only a small amount.

-If win, get money from Bonus

-Its looks like The Real Casino in Las Vegas or somewhere else.

-Can play online or Download it.

But you must remember do not used to gamble. Gambling can become a habit, so do not be surprised later on when there are many people who are addict to gambling and lost all his property, homes, etc. So just play The online one.

I told by my friend that Best Online Roulette Real Money and Slot Real Money has a lot of web list that serve casino games. When play seems normal, but when playing will have exciting experience. Not only that you can get the real dollar ($) as Bonus. Try it and you will HAPPY.

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Friday, November 20, 2009

How to Have Positive Credit??

IT FEELS problems in this life is never finished, similarly in our financial lives. Even when we have a stable income even increased in accordance with the career, we would still face the loan problem. With increasing income we receive, we further improve credit. This is closely related to how we regulate the financial cash flow? Because the cash flow issues will determine where the income has been fighting it off, which ends with the consequences if a financial success or failure.

Have you ever shock when look your credit report? If that’s happen, it’s the time you need credit repair. There are some things that must be considered, like:

-Focused on your way of making money. Many people know how to spend their money, but cannot use it wisely. They think more money more credit.

-Focused on how to control money. There are people with small income can buy a House with good credit.

-Which Focus Selected? Do not carelessly accept credit.

-Try SAVING culture in the family.

If you need help for credit repair services you can email here or contact please call 1-866-382-3410, they are credit repair companies. They will help you with further information no matter what your job and your economic problem. You will be taught how to manage credit, refinance your cash flow and you will get positive credit. Try to save your problem now, before it’s too late.

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