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Friday, January 30, 2009

Cut Loss TINS stock

Click Picture to Enlarge!!!

My money Rp 8.547.865

I calculate the commission at the time of selling shares
Total commission for buy and sell stock is 0,7%

My Stocks
TINS (Timah Tbk)10 Lots at price 1130

SELL TINS (Timah Tbk)
10 lots at price 1090 = 10 x 500 x 1090 = 5.450.000-(0.007*5.450.000)= 5.411.850


MY MONEY NOW RP 11.586.615


1.One week after Moved below MA30, it can not back above MA40.

2.Move below Middle line of Bollinger Band!

3.RSI (Relative Strength Index) line below 50%

4.CCI (Commodity Channel Index) line reach -100.

5.Composite index had very-very low transaction volume for 3 weeks!


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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

World News TRY TO BULL??

(Bloomberg) U.S. stock-index will rose, extending a global rally, on speculation President Barack Obama will set up a so-called bad bank to absorb financial firms’ toxic assets and spur lending. The bad-bank initiative may allow the government to rewrite some of the mortgages that underpin banks’ toxic debt, in the hope of stemming a crisis that has stripped more than 1.3 million Americans of their homes.

The U.S. Federal Reserve will refrain from raising interest rates from record lows when it finishes a meeting today, futures contracts on the Chicago Board of Trade indicate.

Fed Chairman Ben S. Bernanke trimmed the target for overnight lending between banks to a range of zero to 0.25 percent at the previous policy meeting on Dec. 16 to help unclog credit markets.

INDONESIA-Different with Indonesia exchanges, the optimism seen in the regional exchanges closed in positive territory with a sharp increase. Straits Time +4.8%, Kospi +5.9%, Nikkei +0.56% after the U.S. Senate agreed to give economic rescue package of U.S. $ 887 billion.

Lack of Positive sentiment in Indonesia is a cause of decline in the index today. Indonesia DEBT interest rate increase in 2009, as Rp 8.1 billion because depreciation due to the fear, encourage investors profit taking action so that the only action is saving portfolio investors in global economic conditions that are not stabilized.

Investors worry again about failed to pay epidemic potential derivative products, it will be crawling on the national banking system.

Tele communication Indonesia (TLKM) minus -2.3% to Rp 6,350 because the company estimated profits down despite increase in revenue growth record is thin.
United Tractor (UNTR) down 2.9% to Rp5.000, child sponsorship business UNTR, Pamapersada get a Coal contract extension from Kideco can not afford lift shares in the business of moving this heavy equipment.
Gas Negara (PGAS) immediately closed down 2.4% at Rp2.025, after PGAS potential losses due to record foreign exchange transactions.

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Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Made By Waren Buffet
According to Buffett, one of the important factors in successfully investing is to warn yourself that you are buying at least part of the business actually exists. Sheet stock itself does not have actual meaning. The stock is just representation of the company.

MUST think that when you buy shares of a company not graphic technical analysis, news and Bloomberg table or graph in the Wall Street. All you have to think about is the "value" and Performance behind a business.

Buffett always consider 4 things before deciding to buy the stock, namely:
1 Business that he can understand
2. Companies with long-term prospects of profitable
3. Management is honest and competent
4. Price (stock) is very interesting
Buying shares is part of the business. Therefore, do not buy stocks because the price movements, and do the fundamental analysis before buying any stock.

Waren always want to find and buy the business that imperishable, which dominates the market, thus ensuring more success, where these products; required many people, does not require excessive capital, not a lot of similar goods, and not much affected by price regulation. But of course all of them executed while waiting until the company's stock price is considered reasonable.

It is recommended that you create a list of stocks, shares your drill, and do the monitoring costs as often as possible, until the price reaches the price that you consider good and reasonable, and .... HAP ..!!! The WOLF gets MEAT.

Waren hates is High technology companies and high internet company, because technology changes more rapidly create This kind of company is move behind the era and behind competitors, can cause FALL.

He prefers shares of companies bricks, paint company, carpet and furniture company that has a business that is easy to understand and cash flow that is easily predicted. Such companies can survive up to 100 years, because the product can be a lag period is not easy.

Fall of many dotcom companies, such as,, RX.Com, etc. strengthen Alibi Waren. What do you with Microsoft, Yahoo and Google?

Buffett advice: do not be tempted with a transaction that offers a wealth quickly, the company that involve complex relative (EXAMPLE High Tecnology Company), such companies are difficult to predict in the long term. Avoid business in the industry, which continues to change, and makes investment on business That live for many generation "old economy". And last, remember that takes tens of years for companies to become large.

Almost all the experts recommend to do diversification, that is has a lot of STOCKS from many companies, that if a stock falls, it will not destroy all portfolio you have, but Buffett holds another.
If you've found the right stock, why you should buy a little? So he said. Buy 5 to 10 stocks with a good price, and buy as much as you can. Here he gives an example when buying a $ 144 million to shareholders China Petro-China oil companies. Unexpectedly, now worth $ 1.2 billion.

According to him, someone is invested in the property all the 3 companies that either (with the purchase price of the good), in the long term, then he can be rich future. This is also examplizeing by Buffett, He has 474,998 shares of the company, which Berhshire Hathaway holds for tens of years. Now one sheet of stock the price is $ 138,000. Please count the property itself from only one company. That is why Waren Buffett now the richest person in the world.
Continue to the edition 3 ... ....

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Sunday, January 25, 2009

How to Make Money in Stocks Part 4


A stock certainly does not need a large number of institutional owners, but it should have at least a few such sponsors. Three to ten might be a minimum or reasonable number of mutual fund sponsors, although some stocks might have a good deal more.

If stocks has no professional sponsorship, chances that its performance will be more slow. If there is no sponsorship and you try to sell your stock, who will buy it. I told you Choose a stock that has big volume of buying and selling. The other said it’s the Favorite Stock, at least it has volume Of 50 billion Rupiah! buy stocks that have at least a few institutional sponsors with better-than-average recent performance records.

M MARKET DIRECTION. How to Determine it

The Last and The most important, if you choose wrong market direction your stock will slump, although you already use the other method. The best way to determine the direction of market is to follow and understand every day what general market are doing!

The way to determine it :

1.Look for the heavy volume, if the volume higher than the preceding day and IHSG (Indonesia Stock Exchange) composite index show stalling action, or less upward movement than the prior few days, that indicate MARKET TOP.

2.Look all major Stock Exchange In the WORLD. As I say its Dow Industrial Index and Hang Seng index very influential with IHSG (Indonesia Stock Exchange) index. For example look the percentage of upward for the day. If IHSG upward 10% and DOW Jones only 2%, IHSG was not strong enough!!

3. Rate Changes. In US follow Federal Reserve Board (FED) Rate, but in Indonesia follow Bank Indonesia (BI) Rate. In the past, it frequently marked the beginning of bear markets and impending recessions when the discount rate was increased three times in succession, and it usually signaled the end of a bear market when the discount rate was finally lowered.

4.During BEAR MARKET, stocks open strong in the morning and close weak by the end of trading time. During BULL MARKET, stocks tend to open down and come back later in the day to close up strong.


6.Look and study what happen in the world RIGHT NOW.

7.Play safe if you do not know to CHOOSE a stock. Choose The Defensive stock sector as utilities, tobaccos, foods, and soaps!

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Thursday, January 22, 2009



(Bloomberg) The US economy is in a deepening recession. The number of Americans filing first- time claims for unemployment benefits matched the highest level in 26 years. Initial jobless claims increased by 62,000 to 589,000, more than forecast, in the week ended Jan. 17, from a revised 527,000 the prior week, a Labor Department report showed today in Washington.

(MarketWatch) Construction on new homes took another turn for the worse in December, falling more than 15% to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 550,000, the lowest on record, the Commerce Department reported Thursday.

Permits to build single-family homes fell 12.3% to a record-low 363,000 in December, while total permits including apartments dropped 10.7% to a 549,000 annual rate, also a record low. Building permits are considered a more reliable guide to the state of the housing market, because they are less affected by weather conditions than the housing starts figures.

The report was much worse than expected for the second consecutive month. Economists surveyed by MarketWatch were looking for a smaller drop to an annual rate of about 600,000, thinking that November's 15% decline in starts wouldn't be repeated.

(New York Times) The Microsoft Corporation, the software company, said Thursday that it would cut 5,000 jobs, about 5 percent of its work force, fallout from a slowdown in sales brought on by the global recession.

The company also reported that its profit in the second quarter declined 11 percent.

“While we are not immune to the effects of the economy,” the chief executive, Steven A. Ballmer said Thursday in the company’s earnings report.

Microsoft also reported second-quarter net income of $4.17 billion, or 47 cents a share, compared with $4.71 billion, or 50 cents, in the quarter a year earlier. Sales were $16.6 billion in quarter. Wall Street had expected earnings of 49 cents a share on sales of $17.1 billion.


DOW JONES 220109

Click Picture to ENLARGE!!


1.RSI below 50%.

2.CCI below -100.

3. Far below MA30, MA40, and middle Bollinger Band.



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Made By Waren Buffet

Many people believe that investing in capital market is complex, mysterious and full of risk, so they only smart and clever person able to do it. Often they are so dependent on the formula-complex mathematical formulas, a sophisticated computer program, graphics and technical analysis is difficult. Warren Buffet has shown that all the things that are just myths.
The principle in choosing a stock is very simple, choose the stocks of companies with solid business, easy to understand, has survived long and profitable. He never invest in a business that he does not understand. For example hitech or dotcom companies, he will avoid that. Principally, Looks for a good fundamental Company, managed by a team of solid and honest persons, and the price below the price should be.

Waren believes that each person can be successful without the help broker to invest, capital market specialists and so on. The reason, experts, professionals or investors want to invest the presumption that the capital market is too complicated for most people, because this means good business for them. How many of us take someone who entrust pension or savings to shrink much trouble to be trusted broker or investment manager of the deal on the number of shares to pursue a commission?
Just needed a little knowledge of accounting and financial markets to be able to find a stock in terms Buffett "find money sheet Dollar which sold for 40 cents." This means that each person will need to focus on the investment value, without having to depend on other people. Start by reading the many journals and magazines in the financial reports or newspaper.

What will you do when the company that you hold its stocks are in a bad position? Due to changes in government regulations, for example. Try to see the stock TLKM or ISAT that can represent this situation.
In newspaper written recommendation "sell" or avoid this stock first.
Reactions and your response to these developments represent a very large role in determining the success of your investment.
The wise investor will remain calm in the face of events negative.
Buffett is not the same in the Washington Post have, when the U.S. recession of 1960, through the war, until finally now shares Wasington Post has increased the price thousand percent of the price where he start to buy.
His advice is to buy shares and hold stock from Great Company, and hold for many years. Close the ears of news, analysis and negative rumors about this stock.

Think for 10 years and not for 10 minutes to the front. Buffett suggestion, if you're not ready to hold a stock for a decade, it is better never to buy these shares. Think and dream, if you buy stocks, and the next day exchanges will close for five years.
Please note that some of the market is completely antagonistic to the people who love to go out, and quite friendly to those who buy and maintain. This is due to go out, in addition will increase transaction costs such as broker fees and VAT, and they often lose the moment when the stock prices rose a massive, due to money stuck, because it is hurried to buy stock and the value get smaller because of many Cut Loss.

Continue to the edition to-2 ... ....

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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

How to Make Money in Stocks Part 3


This is BASIC principle, like you buy in grocery store. If Grocer only has one slice of cheese, ten people want to buy cheese, cheese price will go up. *SIMPLE*. The law of supply and demand is more important than all analyst opinions on Stock Market. I tell you must look the volume of transactions, you before you buy that shares *ALWAYS* 50% or more it’s better. Stocks that have a large percentage ownership by top management are THE BEST PROSPECT.

L LEADER OR LAGGARD. Which is your stock??

Buy The Best Two or Three in the groups. How to choose The Best stock (LEADER), its very easy use Relative Strength Index (RSI). Leader company always moves above 70% RSI line. If RSI line below 50% for four months, do not buy that stock again something happen with that stock. In Indonesian stock market ALL TOP LEADER stock join in a group Name Blue Chip or LQ45!!! It seldom pays to invest in laggard performing stocks

even if they look tantalizingly cheap. Look for the market leader.

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Sunday, January 18, 2009

today activities, BUY tins Sell BUMI

Tins stock 190109
BUY TINS stocks, i will BUYBACK THX

My money Rp 8.547.865

I calculate the commission at the time of selling shares
Total commission for buy and sell stock is 0,7%

My Stocks
BUMI (Bumi Resources Tbk) 12 lots at price 400

12 lots at price 550 = 12 x 500 x 550 = 3.300.000-(0.007*3.300.000)=3.276.900

10 Lots at price 1130=10 x 500 x 1130 = 5.650.000

TINS 10 Lots at price 1130

MY MONEY NOW RP 6.174.765

Why I choose TINS
1. BUMI is level3 stocks, Level3 which means stock that its price go ups and down very very fast!! And not has good Fundamental analysis!!
2. Tins is level1 stocks, Level1 which means if The Trends is BULLISH its go ups first and not go down easily like level2 and level 3 stocks
3. TINS after break down its MA30 back up again its MA30.
4. RSI lines still above 50%!!
5. TINS plan for buyback stock, buyback which means The Company buys their own stocks!!
5. Set cut loss 20 points below MA30 Lines!!!
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Oil goes to 20$, BUMI stock is DANGEROUS???

News from Bloomberg. Because of Stimulus Economy $825 Billion Wall Street Rebound two days! US Senate announced about stimulus package about $825 Billion. Technology sector jumped, and Financial sector slumped.

Financial, Bank of America is finally getting aid from the government's TARP program worth $ 20 billion. However, this is still leaving a concern because it seems problematic assets in the Merrill Lynch more than previously estimated. Negative sentiment also came from the records Citigroup quarterly loss of $ 8.29 billion and will divide the operations into two units.

Technology, The market exchange gain energy from the technology sector, Intel precisely the Income record same with expectation. Expectation against Intel is far lower than before, but this still response positive by the market. Intel shares jumped 3:38% to $ 0.45 level. Stocks such as Microsoft and United Technologies also up strongly. Unexpected, Consumer sentiment is released at Saturday and up to the level 61. also help lift The Stock Market.

Dow still in Good Position until encouraged Barack Obama's inauguration as U.S. president on January 20. The government is expected to deliver a global economic stimulus would help exchanges in the rebound

News from Reuters. Analysts in The world predict the world oil price range crude oil in 2009 will be in the range of U.S. $ 20 per barrel to U.S. $ 70 per barrel. It will give a chance to decrease the price of fuel in Indonesia! With this range price on crude oil, the price of fuel in Indonesia will be Rp 4,000 per liter for premium, or Rp 500 down from the price at this time.

Indonesia – It will give a chance to decrease the price of fuel in Indonesia! With this range price on crude oil, the price of fuel in Indonesia will be Rp 4,000 per liter for premium, or Rp 500 down from the price at this time.

BUMI recently signed the agreement 80% share acquisition of Zurich Asset Investments worth Rp 2.412 trillion in December 2008. Then on January 5 2009, BUMI take over 76.8% shares of PT Fajar Bumi Sakti (FBS) worth Rp 2,475 trillion. Finally, on 7 January 2009 BUMI take over 84% shares of PT Pendopo Energy Coal (Feb) worth Rp 1,304 trillion. Bursa Efek Indonesia (BEI) asked that acquisition, something wrong with that!! With WHAT BUMI pays his DEBT!!, So if you bought BUMI stocks at Friday, I suggest you to sell it tomorrow!! Choose a SAVE ONE!!

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Saturday, January 17, 2009

SORRY FOR LATE, My 160109 stock portfolio

Click Picture to enlarge!!

My money Rp 10.947.865

I calculate the commission at the time of selling shares
Total commission for buy and sell stock is 0,7%

My Stocks

12 lots at price 400 = 12 x 500 x 400 = 2.400.000

BUMI 12 Lots at price 400

MY MONEY NOW RP 8.547.865

Why I buy BUMI
1. Usually after 5 or 6 days of decline next day is Reject Time, you must!

2. Look Picture, its time to buy at price 400!!

3. CCI back to -100, and will cross back tomorrow!!

4. I only used 25% of my money because its very dangerous stock, do not play with all your money!!

Sell at Monday or Tuesday do not hold this stock too long!!

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Friday, January 16, 2009

How to Make Money in Stocks Part 2


The annual growth should be increase about 25% or more, per year for the last 4 years. In fact companies which have good stability of annual growth, mostly their stocks show slow growth. If The Market situation go down or BEARISH, the company’s stock will not go down fast and stay stabile. Example: Bank Central Asia and Unilever Stock in 2008.

PER (Price to Earnings Ratio) is use to find stocks is undervalued (Buy) and overvalued (Sell). But not crucial as EPS (Earning Per Share). The Company which have good EPS good Annual report, mostly have very bad PER. Do not buy A Stock because PER looks very low, it can be cheaper. EPS and Annual Report are The Best. Looks this chart, Click picture to ZOOM :

antm stock Part2Btel stock part2


This can be new product, new service, new Top management, new building’s decoration, new company name, new symbol, new technology, or anything new. It can cause to increase profit rapidly. Like Apple Company, The CEO, Steve Jobs make new innovation every year or he said ”Every Day”! Google make new products, like Google earth or buy another company, Microsoft also do so!!

What is new HIGH??? When stocks reach new high price it can go more high, while the other stocks declined!! The Best new HIGH PRICE built after ten or more week consolidation or I said “Sideways or Cup”!!

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Wednesday, January 14, 2009


DOW IS IN BEARISH POSITION!! Have been predicted by me LOOK HERE
2.CCI reach -100
3.MA30, MA40, and MA60 crossed by BIG RED CANDLESTICK

My money Rp5.486.365

I calculate the commission at the time of selling shares

Total commission for buy and sell stock is 0,7%

My Stocks
ANTM 10 lots at price 1150

SELL ANTM (Aneka Tambang Tbk)
10 lots at price 1100 = 10 x 500 x 1100 = 5.500.000-(0.007*5.500.000)= 5.461.500

My Stocks Now - NULL

My Money NOW Rp 10.947.865

Why i must sell :
MA30, MA40, and MA60 crossed by BIG RED CANDLESTICK
Oil Price down to 36$
Warning do not BUY any stock Right NOW!!!
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My Stock Prediction??

ANTM Stock Chart 140109

My money Rp 11.236.365
I calculate the commission at the time of selling shares

Total commission for buy and sell stock is 0,7%

My Stocks

BUY ANTM (Aneka Tambang Tbk)
10 lots at price 1150 = 10 x 500 x 1150 = 5.750.000

My Stocks Now
ANTM 10 lots at price 1150

My Money NOW Rp 5.486.365

Why I buy ANTM :
The other stock i told you yesterday has same condition!! PLEASE look The Picture :
1. This stock in BULL condition!! Three Buy and Sell points between two lines, thats move up!
2. RSI still above 50%.
3. CCI can not back under 0.
4. MA40 WILL CROSS MA 60 from bottom to top!!
5. 140109 close point right at middle line Bollinger Band!

BUT, set Cutloss at MA30. ANTM cutloss point at 1100 or 1110. REMEMBER Dow Jones Industrial Market and Hang Seng already below MA30, that indicate BEARISH!!
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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Good Choice!!!

DOW Jones Industrial 130109
Technical Analysis :
1. Dow crossed MA30, MA40, and MA60 from top to bottom!!
2. Middle line of Bollinger Band had crossed too!!
3. RSI line moved below 50%
4. CCI will reach -100
5. Three RED Soldier, that indicates BEARISH CONDITION!!
6. BUT it is not made DEAD CROSS!!, still can be BULL

Fundamental Analysis :

Exchange movements on the day is also covered by the report concerns about the losses experienced by Citigroup. Yesterday, Citigroup reported a loss of 10 billion dollars in the fourth quarter 2008. Result, the banking company's stock weakened as much as 5% to 5.22 dollars beginning of trade. U.S. stock movements throughout the trading day is estimated to be still moving volatile. Investors apparently are still awaiting the impact of interest rate decrease in European central bank (ECB), which will be held on January 15 to come.

Fed Governor
, Ben Bernanke, who said that the government must work hard to recover the economy. He also rightly claim that there is synergy between the executive and legislative branches are working in conjunction to the economy. Conditions are not based on the rest of the bailout fund of 350 billion dollars by the U.S. Congress. And He said that More BAILOUT for Bank is needed. THATS INDICATE RECESSION IS NOT OVER YET WATCH OUT!!


Mining Still the Best
ANTM 1150
TINS 1170
SGRO 1260
AALI 11000
Plays Fast GAIN 3% OR MORE GET OUT!! If u wants to wait sell A HALF!!
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Monday, January 12, 2009

How to Make Money in Stocks part 1

by William J Oneil
William create CANSLIM method, describes as :

C = Current Quarterly Earnings Per Share: How Much Is Enough?

A = Annual Earnings Increases: Look for Meaningful Growth.

N = New Products, New Management, New Highs: Buying at the Right Time.

S = Supply and Demand: Small Capitalization Plus Volume Demand.

L = Leader or Laggard: Which Is Your Stock?

I = Institutional Sponsorship: A Little Goes a Long Way.

M = Market Direction: How to Determine It?


Do not buy a stock that’s not show EPS (Earning Per Share) increase at least 15% from the new quarter report versus the same quarter report the year before. Check the group of stock that you want to buy, if other stock in same group not show good EPS, do not buy that stock.

Hmm I always find quarterly report in here. Enter symbol on the edit text like “antm.jk” or “tlkm.jk”. Look tabs “Stocks” on left side choose “Estimates”. Reuters show all about stock, not only financial highlights but all information about The Company. Like overview, ratio, recommendation about stock, etc. Or you can ask your broker to give Financial Highlight reports.

Stock EPS

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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Buy Bank and Mining Sector when??

BBCA Chart

This week, Buy Bank sector like BBCA, BMRI, and BDMN.
I choose the Number One Bank sector in IHSG, BBCA (Bank Central Asia Tbk). Why :
1. In the middle of condition like this this stock never fell apart!!
2. Strong Company!!
3. Already GOLDEN CROSS!!
4. RSI (Relative Strength Index) still above 50%
5. CCI (Commodity Channel Index) crossed -100, if cross up tomorrow its BUY point!!
6. Right at MA(Moving Average)30..

If Oil price drop below 40$ do not buy any mining sector just SLEEP, HA3!!

Watch carefully friends, if not cross back CCI -100 and RSI reach 50%, or back below MA30 do not buy
, Because Dow Jones Industrial and Hang Seng condition below MA30!!
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Friday, January 9, 2009

Jan 10 News

US (Bloomberg) -- The U.S. probably lost 525,000 jobs in December, capping the biggest collapse in employment since the end of World War II, economists said before a report today. The unemployment rate likely jumped to a 15-year high of 7 percent.

The outlook for 2009 is no brighter as retailers from Wal- Mart Stores Inc. to Macy’s Inc. slash profit forecasts and manufacturers including Alcoa Inc. cut output and staff. The figures are likely to intensify pressure on U.S. lawmakers to speed President-elect Barack Obama’s proposed fiscal stimulus through Congress in an effort to save or create 3 million jobs.

Obama Plan
Obama is pressing for a stimulus plan of about $775 billion, including tax cuts and spending on everything from roads and schools to the energy network. Yesterday he called for “dramatic action as soon as possible” to help pull the world’s largest economy out of a slump that’s into its second year. “If nothing is done, this recession could linger for years,” Obama said in Fairfax, Virginia.

Federal Reserve staff last month cut their projections for gross domestic product and the job market, stating the unemployment rate was “likely to rise significantly into 2010,” according to minutes of policy makers’ December meeting.

Analysts said the economy is in danger of a reinforcing cycle of rising unemployment and declining household spending, what policy makers call a negative feedback loop, which is difficult to snap once it’s begun.

Indonesia - The government will take a decision on the decline in the price of fuel at a cabinet session held on 12 January 2009, then this is the third decline in the price of fuel in the last months. Finance Ministry Sri Mulyani said that after meeting with President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono at the Presidential Palace, Jakarta, Friday (9/1/2009). "For the government the more important is to see oil prices on Monday and decided later on this fuel price," he said.

The government will take a decision on the decline in the price of fuel in return the council cabinet on 12 January 2009. The decline in the price of Rp 500 per liter and the effective start date of 15 January 2009.

The government hopes, the decline in the price of fuel, the third time is expected to give a significant impact, not as a decrease in the previous two times. "I do not have the authority to announced it, but from its body language, the government agreed to announce a fuel price. Premium and diesel fuel down as Rp 500. The President of the council and if approved by the cabinet, the 15th reduction will be effective.

Qatar Telecom (Qtel) will hold a public tender offer shares of PT Indosat Tbk (ISAT) a maximum of 24.19%, beginning next weekend. Bid price is Rp. 7388 per share, with a total Rp 8 Billion. Qtel have signed a letter of the tender offer to the authority of the capital market yesterday. Implementation of the tender offer shares on the Stock Exchange Indosat of Indonesia (BEI) should be adjusted with the New York stock exchange, the United States. The second largest telecommunications company in Indonesia was also noted as stock (dual listing) in the New York Exchange

Indonesia Stock Exchange (BEI) ask the acquisition and the formation of special purpose vehicle (SPV) by PT Bumi Resources Tbk (BUMI) and PT Bakrie & Brothers Tbk (BNBR). The management of the Earth and Bakrie & Brothers has not delivered the official explanation of action related to the corporation that BEI. At 8 and 9 January 2009 BUMI stock decline 20% into 630!! It could be worst.

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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Sorry I have to sell stock

Sorry for my mistakes!! at least you still profit right!!

My money Rp 8.282.190
I calculate the commission at the time of selling shares

Total commission for buy and sell stock is 0,7%

My Stocks
ANTM 5 lots at buy price 1140

Please READ my Analysis!!
Sell ANTM (Aneka Tambang Tbk)
5 lots at price 1190 = 5 x 500 x 1190 = 2.975.000– (0.007*2.975.000)= 2.954.175

My Stocks Now

My Money NOW Rp 11.236.365

Sorry my Mistakes, I have to sell my stock because some thing happened in Europe and US stock exchange, look here!! Also stock already reach CCI 200, you have to profit take. And oil slumped very fast to 42$!! Recession Began again WATCH IT!!

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Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Sorry my Mistakes, I have to sell my stock because some thing happened in Europe and US stock exchange, look here!! Also stock already reach CCI 200, you have to profit take. And oil slumped very fast to 42$!! Recession Began again WATCH IT!!

Australian shares and Japanese stock futures dropped as bigger-than-estimated job cuts in the U.S. rekindled concern the global economic slump is deepening. US LABOR SLUMP TOO!! and Dow Jones Industrial down for -245.40 points (-2.72%) to 8,769.70 reach it''s MA30 and middle Bollinger band!! Because everyone fear in recession

Electronics and car manufacturers in Asia are reducing output and sacking workers as prospects for job losses prevent American consumers from spending. Intel Corp., whose chips run about 80 percent of the world’s personal computers, yesterday said fourth-quarter sales fell 23 percent, adding to evidence demand is waning across the technology industry.

Crude oil for February delivery plummeted 12 percent to $42.63 a barrel in New York, the steepest drop since September 2001. The Japanese currency appreciated to as much as 92.48 today from 93.96 at the close of stock trading in Tokyo yesterday.


Sell all ur stock i told you yesterday!!

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US news get from (Bloomberg) -- Companies in the U.S. eliminated an estimated 693,000 jobs in December, the most since records began in 2001, a private report based on payroll data showed.

The drop in the ADP Employer Services gauge was larger than the median estimate of economists surveyed by Bloomberg News. Today’s report is the first to reflect methodological changes that ADP says will limit the differences between its calculations and the government’s payroll numbers.

15-Year High
The government may report on Jan. 9 that total payrolls fell by 500,000 last month, and the unemployment rate rose to a 15- year high of 7 percent, according to the Bloomberg survey median. The economy lost 1.9 million jobs in the first 11 months of the year.

Other labor-market reports have also shown weakness. Job cuts announced by U.S. employers rose 275 percent last month from December 2007, to 166,348, Chicago-based Challenger. Gray & Christmas Inc. said today. For all of 2008, employers announced 1.22 million job cuts, the most in five years.

Today’s ADP report showed a decrease of 220,000 jobs in goods-producing industries including manufacturers and construction companies. Service providers cut 473,000 workers. Employment in construction fell by 102,000, the 21st consecutive month of cuts in the industry.

Because of that dow fut now minus 100!!

Indonesia news made by myself. Decrease BI Rate 50 bps to 8.75% that will provide positive sentiment for the banking sector, but was wrong (bond prices rise) and IHSG (Indonesia Stock Exchange) surged 14,067 points (0,98%) to 1.421,470. BI rate decrease followed by a decrease in bank loan interest rate from the current 18% to 14-15%. Interest rates are lower can be expected economic stimulus. But lender hope loan rate will become 11- 12%. People still hope interest rate down to 7.5%. BI Rate decline to give positive sentiment against foreign investors because of the size of the gap between the BI Rate with the Fed and other banks.

BUMI it self closed with auto rejection, because of it’s a acquisition action up two subsidiaries Bakrie groups, gave negative sentiment, it will be a burden corporate balance sheet. DO NOT BUY BUMI!!

Crude Palm Oil price which continues to climb penetrate to RM1900/ton level. GOOD FOR CPO SECTOR!!

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My stock condition

My money Rp 5.054.940
I calculate the commission at the time of selling shares

Total commission for buy and sell stock is 0,7%

My Stocks
ANTM 5 lots at buy price 1140

Please READ my Analysis!!
Sell ANTM (Aneka Tambang Tbk)
5 lots at price 1300 = 5 x 500 x 1300 = 3.250.000– (0.007*3.250.000)= 3.227.250

My Stocks Now
ANTM, 5 lots buy at price 1140

My Money NOW Rp 8.282.190

050108, stocks that i told you to buy BEFORE like ANTM, PTBA, TINS, AALI, and SGRO, this day moved ups about 10% or more at noon, All stock already reach Level which I told you before here. And all of them reach CCI200, so I sold half of my ANTM stocks.

ANTM 1300
PTBA 8800
TINS 1400
AALI 14000
SGRO 1400

I will sell half ANTM stocks when reach back to middle BOOLINGER band line, or MA30!! Because it's still BULL condition!!

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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Indonesan Stock News

Illegal used of funds by PT Sarijaya Permana Sekuritas to the 8.700 account of customers, which account for 6500 is from retail customers with value of 245 billion Rupiah. This thing told by was Director of Fixed Income Trading, and Derivatif Membership Indonesia Stock Exchange, Guntur Pasaribu in a press conference in BEI Building, Jakarta, on Tuesday (6/1/2009).

Sarijaya Securities can not solve the problem with an error MKBD (Adjusted Net Working Capital), BEI (Bursa Efek Indonesia) decided to give Suspension activity for Sarijaya!! Sarijaya Sekuritas stopped activity because of the misuse of customer funds and reporting Adjusted Net Working Capital (MKBD) that is not true. Exchange members trade with the SP's last reported MKBD value of Rp 29,318 billion.

Board of Supervisors Capital Market and Financial Institutions (Bapepam LK) and the Indonesia Stock Exchange (BEI) will call all members of exchange (broker) to perform routine inspections. After the 49 securities companies, the authority will also be called back in stages, and the brokers too.

Sarijaya Securities now search on strategic investors, according to Zulfiyan (Derector of Sarijaya Securities) likely be slightly adjusted price or cheaper price from the market. Sarijaya investors are seeking new owners to replace old Herman Ramli in two weeks. Herman Ramli has arrested Bareskrim-Mabes police since 24 December 2008 because of allegations of misappropriation of funds customers as big as Rp 245 billion.

PT Aneka Tambang (ANTM) confirming that the government will reduce the production of nickel company of 30% in this year. ANTM plans to produce between 11500-12000 tons of nickel in feronikel (TNI) in 2009. Due to a reduction in production this will be used to perform optimization FeNi III factory and factory modernization FeNi I, so that when market conditions improved nickel production level ANTM will be in a more optimal level. ANTM with BHP Billiton will build its own factory Feronikel IV (Feni) worth U.S. $ 300 million with a capacity of 300 thousand tons per year.

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Monday, January 5, 2009

China Stimulus Plans

China - Hang Seng closed UP before The China Economic Stimulus given Monday, January 5, 2009. Today trade Hong Kong stock closed up because a positive response regarding the perpetrators of the market economic stimulus policies that will be launched by the Chinese government began in January, this month. Based on the reports note that the Chinese government will contribute funds of 586 billion dollars. With the policy stimulus is expected to provide positive signal for economic recovery in China this year 2009.

On the other hand, the regulations implementing the new price for 3G customers user facilities also impact the mobile phone component manufacturer as Foxconn. This condition will increase the demand of consumers who want to use the facilities that 3G will ultimately increase the purchase of mobile phone with 3G.

Hang Seng Index closed 520.50 points or increased 3.5% to 15,563.31 basis points. Meanwhile, the strengthening of the index measure of 604 basis points to be 15,639 points, with the highest level had reached 15,670 points and the lowest level of 15,088 points.

Stock-shares in the strengthening of which is that China Mobile shares rose 4.7%, China Unicom shares rose 7.3%, Lenovo shares rose 5%, shares CNOOc menguat 7.9% and PetroChina shares rose as much as 6.9%. Because Oil price goes up!!

Tommorow, Hang Seng will be support by positive sentiment from the fundamental condition, which going up about 3-4%. But from technical analysis Hang Seng in resistan line 15600 points, if tomorrow can not crossed it going down again, Becarefull!!

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Best Prediction Buy

First look my prediction I made before this post, here please!!

My money Rp 10.754.940
I calculate the commission at the time of selling shares

Total commission for buy and sell stock is 0,7%

My Stocks

Please READ my Analysis!!
Buy ANTM (Aneka Tambang Tbk)
10 lots at price 1140 = 10 x 500 x 1140 = 5.700.000

My Stocks Now
ANTM, 10 lots buy at price 1140

Yesterday, stocks that i told you to buy Like ANTM, PTBA, TINS, AALI, and SGRO, this day moved ups about 10% or more, GOOD BUY IS IT!!
Now you must think when or at what price I must SELL this stock!!
ANTM 1300
PTBA 8800
TINS 1400
AALI 14000
SGRO 1400
Or you can sell while CCI (Commodity Channel Index) reach 200!!
Myself, I sell while ANTM reach back to middle BOOLINGER band line, or MA30!! Because it's
already BULL, or Israel stop war againts GAZA!!

If you are not sure just sell a half!! Another half just follow my way!! YOUR WILL BE HAPPY!!!

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Sunday, January 4, 2009

First Stock to buy at 2009

ANTM 050109

Click Piture to Enlarge

What Good Stock To buy at 5 January 2009. Mining sector as PTBA (Tambang Batubara Bukit Asam Tbk), ANTM (Aneka Tambang Tbk), TINS (Timah Tbk). Or Crude Palm Oil sector Like AALI (Astra Agro Lestari Tbk) and SGRO (Sampoerna Agro Tbk).

Why not Bank sector, because Bank already moved up before mining sector. Now is time to mining sector to lead the BULL! Oil price will cross 50$, if Israel still attack Gaza. Because it threatened to disrupt oil supplies from the Middle East.

This is The Technical Analysis : example ANTM. All stock I said above have same condition as ANTM!!

  1. After Break Out with High Volume, candlestick never back below MA30 and Middle line of Bollinger Band
  2. GOLDEN CROSS already happened
  3. It is Pullback (Candlestick Back to MA30 Lines), Time to BUY
  4. RSI line moves above 50%
  5. First Target is 1200!!
  6. You can Buy tomorrow at 1100
  7. Set Cut loss at 1000!!


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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Small BULL

Dow Jones Industrial 020109
Click Picture to Enlarge!!

Dow Jones Industrial already moved above MA60, next target 9500

RSI (Relative Strength Index) is above 50%!

GOLDEN CROSS, if DOW industrial going up into 9250!

Three White Soldier to confirm small BULL!

Also BOOLINGER band get very tight, and candlestick crossed top line, FURTHER will be BULL!

Commodity Channel Index (CCI) moved above 100, If Monday touch 200, CONFIRM BULL!

FED's plan to cut interest rates into 0.1%

Oil through $ 45 (Resistant Line), next target to $ 50! Good for Mining Sector
You must remember Oil going UP into 46$ now, because of WAR. Retaliatory attacks by Israel against Hamas in the Gaza strip threatened to disrupt supplies from the Middle East.

It is Small BULL
, remember to keep your half money!! Choose Mining Sector!!

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Thursday, January 1, 2009

2009 World Economy Prediction

2009 World Economy Prediction :

1. Great Depression, worst since 1930. 55 percent of people said the financial crisis would affect them personally within 2009. 77 percent of them say their industry is in a state of crisis, and 50 percent say the economy is the worst it has been in their careers.

2. Oil price sideways 35$ - 44$ to 60$ - 75$. Oil price will go up until Israel stop war against GAZA. In February OPEC will cut oil productions again!!

3. Gold price goes up slowly into 1000$, good for Gold sector Company, but who buy gold in the middle of CRISIS!! It not going up fast but save!!

4. US, Europe, and Japan show an economic slowdown in 2009. Economy get better in the middle of year 2009.

5. 2009 will be one of the worst economic periods in U.S. history. If the street thinks the economy will improve in 2010, then 2009 should be an up year for equities.

6. Economy 2009 for Developing Countries in the area to be 4-5 percent growth, Because the increasingly strict credit and increase food and energy prices. Lenders or BANK will be very cautious about loaning money.

7. More Trouble Finding or Keeping A Job in 2009. The World unemployment rate is growing along with the national debt. As business continues to slow.

MY Advice, if you want to buy stock or shares choose Mining Sector especially Gold, Oil, and Coal sector. In Indonesia Stock Exchange (IHSG) Bank and Coal sector still the BEST for now, because Bank of Indonesia will cut interest rate into 7% during the year 2009. Keep a half of your money , market still in dangerous situation!!

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