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Friday, January 15, 2010

Time to deposit your money in Stock Exchange Market

Perhaps you’ve been saving in a bank in the form of savings or deposits. Have you ever save your money in stock market? Many people hear that it is not saving to saving money in that type. In this millennium era saving can do the other type like stock, obligation, mutual funds, etc.

Indonesian people does not know about the concept how to saving money in stock market. Benefits that you have greater than bank’s interest or deposit interest. Bank gives you a little interest but very save, how about stock exchange?? If you have good portfolio and discipline in playing stock, risk will be reduced.

Now how to saving your money in stock exchange:


- Find Stock that has GOOD FUNDAMENTAL.

- The main capital flow not comes from BANK DEBT.

- Many Buy when the world stock fallen. And continue to purchase when still down. This can create new average price. With this way you can get more profits later.

- Be patience please. THIS IS IMPORTANT.

- WAIT; if you buy STRONG Company like TOP LEADER and GOOD fundamental, it is very SAVES.

- In Indonesia, buy LQ45 group.