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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Casino Help Collect Child Support

There are several countries in the world that casino or gambling place is allowed to established. These are country that prohibited casino place, like : United states, Macao (China), Japan, South Africa, United Kingdom, and now Singapore.

Now, Many country beginning to build legal casino place. Establishment of casino cannot be free everywhere, only in specific place. All the gambling place gathered in one area only, not spread in many area in one single area of the state. But there are set of rules and regulations that watch and manage the gaming or gambling industry.

Why big countries give opportunity to entrepreneur for built casino? Because it can give BIG TAX for government and receive a lot of labor. It can also attract foreign tourists. For the entrepreneur, casino company can give massive gain. Because of many benefits that received by The Government and Owner casino, they must give support, assistance, charity to children who live in suffer condition. Many casino in the worlds already help collect child support. The winner of gambling should cut their win prize for help child!!

Now I think that’s good idea. I hope the casinos go with that one. It would work much better right now and probably right now many children have been save with casino help. Thanks for collect child support!!