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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

January 20 th news

CHINA stock slide, enlarge the Shanghai Composite Index corrected during this week, after regulators declared a national bank's credit limit is reached and signals the government would rein in providing stimulus and rearrange the provision of credit.

INDONESIA, Coal sales volumes of PT Bumi Resources Tbk (BUMI) during the year 2009 increased about 12.81 percent. Increased sales volume was supported also by the growth of coal production company about 6.89 percent from the previous year. BUMI Coal production in 2009 : 62 million tons or 4 million ton increase from the year 2008 58 million tons.

While sales in 2009 of BUMI coal recorded at 58.1 million tons, up 6.6 million tons compared to the year 2008 as many as 51.5 million ton. Still keep increase about 10% in this year.

Indonesia car sales during 2009 decreased by 20% from 607,805 units in 2008 to 486,061 in 2009.

Thus the data received from Gaikindo Antara on Tuesday(20 january 2010). From these data appear monthly car sales during 2009 has decreased compared to the sales per month in 2008. Only the last two months of car sales in November and December 2009, which exceeded sales of cars in the same period in 2008. But overall, car sales fell 20% in 2009 compared to 2008.

In this year Astra international Tbk (ASII) make prediction that car sales in 2010 increase about 20%. This based on an increase sales from November an December 2009, which will continue to increase in 2010.