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Thursday, January 1, 2009

2009 World Economy Prediction

2009 World Economy Prediction :

1. Great Depression, worst since 1930. 55 percent of people said the financial crisis would affect them personally within 2009. 77 percent of them say their industry is in a state of crisis, and 50 percent say the economy is the worst it has been in their careers.

2. Oil price sideways 35$ - 44$ to 60$ - 75$. Oil price will go up until Israel stop war against GAZA. In February OPEC will cut oil productions again!!

3. Gold price goes up slowly into 1000$, good for Gold sector Company, but who buy gold in the middle of CRISIS!! It not going up fast but save!!

4. US, Europe, and Japan show an economic slowdown in 2009. Economy get better in the middle of year 2009.

5. 2009 will be one of the worst economic periods in U.S. history. If the street thinks the economy will improve in 2010, then 2009 should be an up year for equities.

6. Economy 2009 for Developing Countries in the area to be 4-5 percent growth, Because the increasingly strict credit and increase food and energy prices. Lenders or BANK will be very cautious about loaning money.

7. More Trouble Finding or Keeping A Job in 2009. The World unemployment rate is growing along with the national debt. As business continues to slow.

MY Advice, if you want to buy stock or shares choose Mining Sector especially Gold, Oil, and Coal sector. In Indonesia Stock Exchange (IHSG) Bank and Coal sector still the BEST for now, because Bank of Indonesia will cut interest rate into 7% during the year 2009. Keep a half of your money , market still in dangerous situation!!


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