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Friday, February 26, 2010

Wall Street Bad Economic Data

Wall Street in trading today (26/02) closed lower, mainly triggered by the release of disappointing economic data such as jobless claims and durable goods.

The focus today is trading on a number of disappointing economic data market.

1.Klaim registered unemployment rose as much as 22.000, more than expectations.

2. Demand is expected durable goods rise, in January and then it dropped 0.6%.

3. The market also experienced a number of concerns related to Greece, since

some rating agencies downgrade was allegedly going to the Greek bond.

I predict that in the near future, the stock is likely to be corrected. The next focus is on the 2nd read GDP, consumer sentiment, and existing home sales figures. From the issuer, Berkshire Hathaway's earnings release will also be a focus.

Technical condition

DOW Jones Industrial in sideways condition why?? Check this :

1.DEAD CROSS, Bollinger band cross down moving average 30,40, 60 line.

2.MACD signal still moves below 0.

3.Relative Strength Index line still move below 50% line for one months.

4.Stochastic show SELL POINT.

TWO good point ARE

1. CANDLESTICK already broke up MOVING AVERAGE 30.

2. MOVING AVERAGE 30,40, AND 60 MOVE FLAT. That indicate sideways.

MY SUGGESTION, just wait n see till RELATIVE STRENGTH INDEX break up 50% LINE. Can start to buy when that situation happened.

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Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Viele Menschen in dieser Zeit denken, dass Glücksspiele spielen, alles Geld, das sie ausgeben können, aber sie will es immer spielen. Wenn Sie es spielen wollen, müssen Sie nicht nach Las Vegas oder Macau zu gehen. Im Urlaub, wenn du etwas zu tun versuchen, etwas Neues und Aufregendes zu verwechseln. Ich spiele immer online casino games in meiner Freizeit. In meinem Land viele Menschen spielen Casino-und Glücksspiel, aber sie wissen nicht, wie man es online spielen. Sie denken, es ist langweilig, aber nachdem ich es versucht, ist es sehr erstaunlich. akzeptiert Echtgeld-Spieler aus DEUTSCHLAND. Sie sind deutsches online casino. Ein umfassendes Online-Casinos-Portal, spezialisiert auf DEUTSCHES Online-Casinos, aber auch Funktionen Multi-Language-Casinos, no deposit casinos, bonus casino, free casino games, und vieles mehr. Wo immer Sie sind, sind Sie in der Lage sein, sich daran zu beteiligen.

Wenn ich suche ins Internet gelangt Forum Diskussion, serviert Ihnen das Beste. Es gibt Ihnen nicht nur ansehen, aber die wirkliche Erklärung über ihr Spiel. Wenn Sie Amateur sind, müssen diese Online-Spielen versuchen, weil sie dich lehren, Schritt für Schritt, wie zu spielen.

Wenn ich es versuchen, fand ich, dass diese Website komplett sehr, tut es mit Spielen, aber die Bewertungen von anderen Spieler und nicht als Administrator. Sie haben viele Spiele wie Spielautomaten Spiele, Poker, Blackjack, Roulette, 777, usw.

Wenn Sie durchsuchen, dass Web hat eine Menge von Web-Liste, die Casino-Spiele dienen. Wenn das Spiel scheint normal, aber beim Abspielen spannende Erfahrung haben. Nicht nur, dass Sie die echte Dollar ($) als Bonus erhalten können. Probieren Sie es aus und du wirst HAPPY.

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Fix your Credit Problem

Many people (including me once) did not know how to fix their credit effectively and efficiently, until I found a site from Internet that provides detailed information about this. For those of you who have badly credit or low your credit score, and the need for credit repair, then the following information very useful and feasible for you to know. You will not regret to use their services. I think, with their help you can get improve credit score significantly by using services that they provide. That site is

I found from Google, and it seems they are providing services related to credit repair very seriously. They are credit repair companies. After reading their profiles and processes that they provide, they are truly professional. Maybe this can help you to improve your credit and manage your financial problem.

END of all, the best exercises to improve your credit or repair your credit for yourself is to try to help yourself. Try to identify what was really happening to you. Of course, if you still do not understand about this, or how to improve your credit score, why do not you just entrust it to those who are truly capable of doing it professionally? After that, you can do your other activities without having to worry about your credit problems, because you have entrusted to it to the professionals and they fix my credit and your credit. Need further information call here 1-866-382-3410.

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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Wait for Pansus Decision

IHSG (Indonesian Stock Exchange) not in good or bad mode. Many investor waiting and see the process of Century bank. Today its decision, who is at fault and responsible for the express or rescue Century Bank is not wrong decision. Hopefully this problem it had nothing to do with the president.

In technical analysis, IHSG in sideways mode. Why?

1.Moving Average 30, 40, and 60 flat.

2.MACD signal, Blue line crossed UP red line è BUY

3.Momentum 200 days getting TIGHT, watch out for BULL TREND.

4.Relative Strength Index below 50% line, that’s BAD

5.Stochastic show SELL POINT.


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Get your Truck more STLYIST

In the past, trucks were fairly basic, big car used to transport large loads, without a ton of options to choose from, and they all looked somewhat similar. Sure, there were styling variations between the automakers, but all in all a truck was a truck.

In this millennium era, things have definitely changed. Drivers have plenty of choices, from basic work trucks designed to haul cargo to option-filled trucks that rival a luxury sedan. Modify their truck so it’s looks eye-catching. Many truck accessory sold out there.

So how do you choose the right pickup truck or truck? One way to get started is to take some time to analyze your wants and needs. Or you need to modify your truck?

I asked my friend that sells a lot of truck accessory. They will guide you how to modify your truck and your pickup. Realtruck sell bull bars, winches, truck ladder rack, engine, tires, car splash guards, exhaust, gps, etc. They will give you extra discount if buy immediately.

They sell truck accessories for many CAR’S BRAND (Japan, US, European), like Toyota, Ford, GMC, Nissan Honda, Mercedes, etc. With this site you can upgrade your truck into the stylist one, upgrade engine, and enchane your car.

If you want to know more, call Realtruck Customer Service 1-877-216-5446

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Advantages of Credit Card

A good friend of mine once put on a credit card. In the daily activities he never forgot to bring the card in his wallet, and even he felt less safe when traveling out of town without a credit card. But the least he liked about credit card debt that is flowering. Because of that, he's always trying to pay bills his credit card is paid off every month, and until now he never had a problem with his credit card.

I think credit card is one of the special payments, because it does not hurt you to have it. For example, if a sudden there was a family member to the hospital and you do not have the cash for payment, then you can use a credit card.

Various kinds of payments that are important can be overcome immediately by Prepaid Credit Cards Even in Indonesia, currently the recipient (merchant) Credit cards are still much more than accepting Debit Card.

So you see that the actual Prepaid Cards or credit card is not the source of the problem. What matters is if each month you are only able to pay only the minimum of the total bill for the expenditure of consumer goods whose value decreased. Because of the outstanding balance each will bear interest, so do not be surprised if your credit card debt could be worth far more than the price itself!

Although many people are afraid of using credit cards, but one means of payment is actually worth because you have many advantages, including:

1.As a means of cash payment instead of more practical and safe. With a Credit Card, you do not need a lot of inventory carrying cash in your wallet right?

2.As a means of paying all kinds of expenses that are emergency or cannot be postponed again, but at the same time you do not have the cash to pay for it.

3. Able to withdraw cash from ATM machines. The maximum cash withdrawal limit is usually 40 percent of the limit of your credit card usage. Especially for cash withdrawals, credit interest is charged is greater. Large amount of money that can be drawn also depends on how much the rest of the existing limit.

4. Flexibility in payment of bills that can be done in a minimal amount can be repaid or, where you will be given a grace period of payment. That means you are not required to directly pay the bills on the spot or the next day, but usually are given a grace period of several days (approximately 20, 25 to 30 days from the time of the transaction). Or, you can also pay when the invoice arrived. Meanwhile, how can you choose repayment, the loans are repaid in full at once or according to the amount of minimum payments that are also listed on the invoice.

5.How to calculate credit card interest is easy enough, but the results of calculations with the actual credit card may be a little more or less difference. What is important is that you know that every bill is not paid in full will be subject to interest and the amount added to the number of new bills in the next month? And so on.

The selection should be based on a credit card for your needs, not solely because tempted gifts, souvenirs, sweepstakes, or even the lack of contributions in the first year. If your income is low just need to have one credit card just as a precaution in case of emergency.

First think before you open new bank account, must pass ChexSystems. ChexSystems is a database of information, provided by financial institutions like Bank all over the world, containing reports and data on consumers with bad financial problem in the past. If you had bad credit data in the other bank, you can not pass ChexSystems. It is used to protect financial institution from defaulted loans.

My conclusion, Prepaid Credit Cards is very useful for emergency and lifestyle but you must check your debt periodically.

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Make Money Online on The Internet

Why we need to find money through the internet? Every day more and more Internet users get increase. This means "market" on the Internet is increasingly not limited! There is no 'global crisis' in the world of Internet Marketing. What happened was the opposite! More business opportunities and growing every day! Internet marketing or online business is run at home! Not get stuck.

When you really understand and master the science of Internet Marketing, you could be selling ANYTHING, and everywhere, as one likes you ... as they pleased. In the current era, and especially the years ahead, people who can unify SCIENCE TECHNOLOGY is with those who will appear as a winner. They will be more advanced and richer!

Many ways to find money or make money online through the internet. First by made a website and register in Google ad sense. Second, follow program pay-per-click or pay-per-post. Both of the above is very difficult, because we must have the topic and content of the website interesting. More visitors browse our website, more money that we can get.

The other way for beginners to get the money from the internet is to join a free affiliate program. Now you can make money faster and instant because the commission will be paid directly into your account instantly when a purchase order. No need to wait for monthly commissions!

THERE easiest way for beginners to get the money from the internet is to join It is an affiliate program. You don’t need to create website. Now you can make money faster and instant because the money will be paid directly into your account instantly.

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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Need A TRUCK??

Many people now work need a car that can carry a lot of things or they work in the field of transportation of goods. If you have that kind of situation you need bigger car, like pickup or small truck. They big, can carry a lot of things and you could go from one place to another.

Before You buy truck, you must find as much information as possible to allow some people to judge the car’s performance and also the plus minus of the car. Once you know the plus minus of the truck, you can determine which truck that appropriate to our need.

You can find the information from the newspaper, magazine, or the internet. We might be able to find much information from the internet. Once we are connected to the internet, You can try to visit At this website, you can find many pickup accessories and truck accessories. It has also sell and made special truck bed cover, truxedo tonneau cover, car floor mats and liners with logo including Harley Davidson floor mats, NFL floor mats, Camo, and the other. You can find a lot of quality and affordable truck accessories, parts, engine and more.

They also regularly give various discounts on different car items. So what are you waiting for? Visit them now and grab the chance to buy and save! Call 1-877-216-5446 if need further information.

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Friday, February 19, 2010

Assurance And Share Investment

They are very fond of investment shares, may require analysis and training in the field of stock trading in advance. So that they can do an analysis is fundamentally good stocks and technical in order to suppress the existing risk factors. Do not ever make the stock trading without a good training because you will fall in speculation and not investment.

Boundary between speculation and investment is very thin. To avoid speculation and you absolutely must have a sufficient competence. Good training will bring you to a qualified investor, so the risk can be managed well and are able to maximally suppressed. You do not need find good trainer just register on online trading (Bourse en Ligne) provider.

Not only shares, you can try make an investment in the form of life Insurance (Afer Assurance Vie). If you need further information you can check here it will guide you how to get better insurance in easy way.

Insurance Comparison (Comparatif Assurance) with shares trading. Investment in insurance sector tends to be more secure because it does not fluctuate. But investing in stocks is very dangerous and ever-changing prices.

So true success is the result of learning. Learning without success to chance and coincidence is the biggest part of the speculation. So good readers make wise investment not speculation.

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Many who predicted in 2010 was a year of recovery of the global economic crisis. But not a few who still put too cautious stance even further to predict the coming crisis of global crisis aka second stage.

Fortunately, in 2009 the positive sentiment and spirit of optimism successfully raised the indices of global stock markets from collapse. And in 2010, with the same spirit, is expected to be a year of recovery.

According to ANALYST, most people are too happy with the euphoria of recovery in 2009, so missed seeing the signs of further crises. Subprime Mortgage may have passed. But he insisted, Subprime Mortgage is not the only high-risk mortgage products in the U.S..

The others product that like Mortgage are Alt-A and Option ARM. Two of these products are often known as Ninja loans (No Income, No Job and Assets) which means that mortgages for people who have no income, employment and collateral.

The differences between Subprime mortgages and Alt-A and Option ARM are :

Subprime mortgages are high-risk option offered with attractive, at least look like it. In the first year, Subprime borrowers are not charged interest. New interest charged after the first year.

Alt-A and Option ARM gives borrowers the flexibility to pay the mortgage during the first 5 years. After 5 years will be subject to periodic interest rate adjustments.

If Subprime worth U.S. $ 1.5 trillion alone makes the world in shambles, can imagine what would happen if the product the customer was Alt-A and Option ARM are also not able installments after an adjustment of interest rates that will occur mid-year 2010. Commercial property loans are showing signs of collapse. For the record, the value of commercial real estate loans in the U.S. reached U.S. $ 3.5 trillion.

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Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Composite Stock Price Index (IHSG) to close the trade with an increase of 22 points along with the action of foreign buying of Rp 519.291 billion.

IHSG opened at 2558.606 and immediately levels up to the level of 2581.600. Action on the massive buying stocks made big capitalism IHSG stay in positive territory.

Positive sentiment regional bourses after a sharp increase Asian stock Wallstreet provide fresh air for the IHSG movement today, although IHSG could not pursue a regional index increase. However, IHSG had earlier risen sharply in trading yesterday, when the stock of Hong Kong and Singapore are still off.

As usual, the shares of mining and plantation sectors to support the increase IHSG today. Mining sector stock index rose 30.791 points (1.39%) to the level of 2238.871, while the plantation sector stock index rose 27.159 points (1.48%) to the level of 1859.515.

Activity of foreign investors is very busy with the purchase transaction value of Rp 1.139 trillion, while foreign selling amounted to Rp 620.446 billion. Net purchase value of foreign transactions (foreign net buy) today reached USD 519.291 billion.

In trading Wednesday (17/2/2010), IHSG closed down 22.835 points gained (0.89%) to the level of 2581.340. LQ 45 index also gained 5.565 points (1.11%) to as low as 503.981.

While the rupiah exchange rate to a level close higher 9280 per dollar, compared to yesterday's closing level of 9320 per U.S. dollar.

The shares rose the most active among others, the price of Astra International (ASII) up to Rp 550 to Rp 36,250, Indo Tambang (ITMG) rose Rp 450 to Rp 31,450, Astra Agro (AALI) rose Rp 450 to Rp 24,350, Indika (INDY) rose USD 125 to USD 2400, Bumi Resources (BUMI) rose USD 100 to USD 2425, Sampoerna Agro (SGRO) rose USD 100 to USD 2825, Bukit Asam (PTBA) rose Rp 100 to Rp 16,300.

MY prediction

Oil still in 77$/barrel, choose mining sector.

Becarefull if IHSG can not move to 2558 it can bee bull FAKE. Sell if you already WIN. play fast first coz its still sideways.

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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Help Migraines and Headache

Have you ever get tension headaches or migraines? You should try Fioricet. Fioricet is combination of acetaminophen, butalbital, and caffeine. Acetaminophen, It can reduce pain and fever. Caffeine, it can relaxes your muscle contraction and improve blood flow. Butalbital, it used to relaxes muscle and tension of headache. And floricet can reduce tension of headache and muscle contraction.

It is very important to know that before taking in Floricet, you should not be suffering from or doing the following:

- allergy to any ingredient in Floricet

- blood disease porphyria;

- liver disease

- mental illness or suicidal thoughts

- severe diarrhea caused by antibiotics or food poisoning;

- taking in quinidine or sodium oxybate (GHB)

Need further information you can check here Fioricet - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

While I browsing on the internet, fioricet blue list is one online stores that sells that drugs. In this web gove you many information about floricet, like: where to buy it, compared it with the other drug, it sides effect, how to buy and deliver to your house.

What are you waiting for? If you need fast buy here : Order Fioricet Online - Maximum Convenience for Minimum Money Read More....

Indonesia Balance of Payment

Indonesia's balance of payments surplus (balance of payments) during the year 2009 jumped sharply to reach U.S. $ 12.506 billion. That number jumped sharply in 2008 compared to a deficit of U.S. $ 1.945 billion.

Jump in the balance of payments surplus mainly comes from the jump in running the transaction surplus reached U.S. $ 10.582 billion in 2009, compared to the year 2008 is only U.S. $ 126 million.

The increase also occurred in the capital and financial transactions to achieve a surplus of U.S. $ 3.673 billion in 2009, compared to the year 2008 which recorded a deficit of U.S. $ 1.876 billion.

Especially for Fourth-quarter 2009, the balance of payments surplus of U.S. also printed $ 4 billion, increase compared to a surplus of U.S. $ 3.5 billion in the third quarter-2009. Surplus is donated either by the transaction has taken place and the capital and financial transactions.

Transactions run in the fourth quarter of 2009 recorded a surplus of U.S. $ 3.4 billion, increase compared to a surplus of U.S. $ 2.2 billion in the third quarter-2009.

The increase was mainly supported by improved export performance as a result of the continued global economic recovery and improvement in prices of export commodities of superior.

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First, DOW Theory

For most people DOW theory is regarded as a theory that is not useful.

For the users technical analysis this DOW theory is the basis of technical knowledge of this analysis.

By understanding the theory will be obtained DOW thorough understanding of technical analysis.

At this time most people were given direct instruction on Technical Indicators. Which must be understood is the Technical Indicator is a small part of the Technical analysis. still many technical analysis metode2 as Dow Theory, Elliott Wave, Gann, Fractal, Chaos, EMH, volume analysis, market Commitment, etc

The main problem that occurs is because most people learn the science of technical analysis in a form that is fragmented and incomplete then created a different conclusion that the various technical technique above analysis is different, too.

Many simple questions such as

1. Candlestick: There are nearly 500 candlestick formations, but which are effectively used??

Answer: To be able to use the candlestick in trading is not merely memorize the candlestick patterns and make each interpretation but need a Commitment understanding of the market price formation and the origin. To be able to understand the concept of candlestick pattern formation and not the pattern of what is happening today.

2. Moving Average: Why is the use of moving average period masing2 different people?

Answer: Note first how to calculate moving averages and the like where implementing analysis using moving averages to trade etc. based on 8 rules of moving averages. The most important rules first use a clear indicator, not a problem periods different.

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Monday, February 15, 2010

Very Bad Situation

Dow Jones Chart


IHSG in very bad situation look chart please?

1.Bollinger band fall down below moving AVERAGE 30.

2.MACD red and blue line move below 0 line.

3.Relative strength index in SIDEWAYS POSITION.


5 THE MOST IMPORTANT THING. MOMENTUM 200 DAY LINE (GREEN) will cross down Momentum MA200 line(BLUE)


No GOOD stock at this time, just watch IT!!

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Friday, February 12, 2010

Stock Rise

China's producer prices in the first months of 2010 rose 4.3 percent, the biggest since October 2008. Based on data reported by central banks, money supply increased 26 percent from the previous month.

Liu Li-Gang, an economist based in Hong Kong which join in Australia & New Zealand Banking Group Ltd., Told Bloomberg, said that urgent monetary tightening policy be done immediately in order to limit the threat of inflation due to rising producer prices, credit growth , exports and an increase in salary.

World oil prices rose amid high hopes of economic recovery plus the assistance of the European Union in resolving the debt problems of Greece. Report U.S. labor data better reflects the economic recovery was a superpower on the right track so that the estimated oil demand will increase. Light sweet oil in New York Mercantile Exchange for March delivery contracts to thicken U.S. $ 0.76 to U.S. $ 75.28 per barrel while Brent North Sea in London climbed U.S. $ 0.51 to U.S. $ 73.05 per barrel.

Japanese Stock Exchange rose for the second time the stock was driven Asagi Glass and Pacific Metals Co.. Who won the increase in profits and positive sentiments from the European Union that will help resolve debt Greece.

Asahi Glass’s shares, a glass manufacturer number 1 in Japan jumped 6.9 percent after annual profit increases and Pacific Metals, a producer of ferronickel and GS Yuasa Corp. get a 7.3 percent projected profits shot.

Stock-commodity-based stocks also experienced a strengthening than today's Nikkei 225 closed up 128.20 pts, or 1.29 percent up to 10,092.19 and the Topix index added 1 percent to 892.16.

Wall Street in trading Thursday (11/02) New York time to fly again supported by positive sentiment from the European Union promised to help Greece in its debt problems. Injections of the U.S. labor market was also able to increase investor interest back into the stock so that the Dow Jones industrial average rose 105.81 yesterday closed up 1.05 pts per cent to 10,144.19 and the Standard & Poor's Index `s 500 increased 10.34 pts or up 0.97 percent to 1078.47 and the Nasdaq index up 29.54 pts or 1.38 percent increase to 2177.41.

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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Why all stock markets in the world decline?

China getting worried about the danger of inflation that led to the implementation of monetary policy. China tight the credit limit and increased its compulsory deposits minimum.

U.S. President Barrack Obama plan to separate banking industry from hedge fund. Obama plans to separate banking industry that have, sponsor, and have relation with hedge fund.

Hedge fund like, investing money in stock, debt, and commodities. Price is going UP SIDE DOWN.

With this two plan all stock market in the world go down. People get worried, many analysts say that in 2010 there will be economy recovery. BUT they all getting doubt. DOWN OR RECOVERY. Becarefull its really dangerous.

Look below DOW JONES Technical Analysis.Dow Jones Chart

-Dow Candle broke down moving average 30, 40, 60 days.

-Moving average form DEAD CROSS.


-DANGER DANGER two lines from momentum 200days getting closer each other, if green line crossed down blue line. SELL ALL UR STOCK. ITS BIG BEAR TREND.


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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Truck Accessories

In the business world, transportation companies has very important role. Without it economy will be disrupted. Because of that transportation its very vital and important to deliver product from Producer Company to consumer like us. Now many transport companies are successful. Usually they have a lot of new fleet, new truck, new ship, and new plane. The do not hesitate to spend a lot of money to modify their transport. People or other company who will use the transportation service, really like the eye catching one or the new one. Because they think goods will be delivered more safely than with the old one.

This Year, My father is trying to start a transportation company. He already buy a new small truck to start his new business. He told me that he need to find pace-edwards, so I try to find in the internet. Do you know what is pace-edwards is? It is like cover plate to cover your rack, so the goods inside are not exposed to rain and sunrise.

After browsing through the internet, I found it sale a lot of things that associated with truck like exhaust, bull guard, tire, vent visor, nerf bars, lights, engine, ATC accessories, etc. You can may type of truck accessories new model or oldies model. Also they will give you discount with discount code online. Certainly you find out how get the free shipping to your home, do not doubt! Visit them now.

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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Create Unique Photo

Today, when browsing through the internet I founding something unique and its very interesting for me. Now I know how to customize my photo easily. With help from I can make good, funny, sexy, unique, and any kind of photo. If you like photo editing you should try this one.

With many social network around you need to customize your photo. You just can not only put your ordinary and ugly photos. Need to make photo collage online, need more refreshment and need to make the interesting one. Do not have to worry, it is very easy to use Follow my instruction :

1.Enter at

2.In this website there is many frame right?? Choose one frame that you like.

3.Upload Your photo from your computer and then click “Create your picture”. And wait just few seconds. Like this one :

4. TARAAAAAAAAA, your new picture its complete. Check please :

With picjoke, you can add fun picture frames, photo collage online, add many effect and unusual frame. There are many frame in picjoke. They have more than 100 effects and we make new effect EVERY DAY. Check their latest frame for newer frame update. NOW ITS TIME to throw away ugly picture and change with COOL ONE.

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Compare BUMI with ADRO

I vote for ADRO why?? Check technical ABOVE!!!

1.Moving Average. Look ADRO’s MA lines still move UP and UP. BUMI only move horizontally.

2.Volume. ADRO transaction volume often two times or more higher than Average 200 days volume. BUMI has lowwww VOLUME.

3.Relative Strength Index. BUMI RSI line is sideway or I say still in 50% line. ADRO has very good RSI indicator.

4.MACD. BUMI’s MACD line only spine circle around the zero line. ADRO always moves above the zero line.

ALL technical things above support that ADRO better than BUMI. Today ADRO price is increasing proportional with BUMI price. NEXT ADRO PRICE WILL HIGHER THAN BUMI. WATCHOUT.

ADRO next target 2000

BUMI next target 2800.

I did not say that BUMI is very BAD, but ADRO is better than BUMI for long investment. If you are trader or semi trader try with BUMI.

Follow Stochastic Technical to play trader. BUY when reach 20% then SELL when reach 80%. Easy right!!!

FOR ONE DAY TRADE, BUY when opening is DOWN, Then SELL it when BUMI price moved up 50 point, notttt more than 50 point. Becareful you can lost your money.


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