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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Do not Be GREEDY

This morning everyone shocked that IHSG can reach 3524 points. Most of them wanted to buy this morning, they bought everything before is to late. But a few of them scared, they looked that IHSG already jumped out too fast. Fastest in the whole world stock market. I suggested do not buy anything yet, just wait till it come down. Faster the ride, the more rapid fall. There is always a chance to buy, but not NOW. OKEY. Be fear if everyone be greedy.

If you look my chart that indicate IHSG already broke UP my STRONG RESISTANCE (3457 point). MACD signal going up faster. Momentum show bull trend. Relative strength index still in good position. From all that indicators, I can tell that now IHSG in VERY BULL CONDITION.

When the best time to BUY??? Buy, when candlestick touch BUYING line or Moving Average 30 days. Play save and happy trading my friend thank you. Read More....

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Promotional Pen for your Customer

Almost all organizations, businesses, schools, hospitals, commercial organizations and non-commercial use pens as promotional merchandise or souvenirs.

Do not believe? See the following sample from a variety of promotional gift pen used by various organizations (thus giving you the reasons, that you and your company should also use promotional pen. Now if the famous company or institution to use pen gift souvenir pen-divided distributed, then you and your company was supposed to be.

Firms like banks and hotels use an unimaginable number of pens and they place them everywhere. They know that pens are affordable, practical, functional and mobile. The typical pen travels to numerous locations providing enormous exposure for any advertising message. Promotional pens are a great advertising tool because it is something your customers can use once given almost everyday. These pens should be imprinted with company contact information that tells customers who you are, what you do and how to contact you.

If you need to order any promotional pens try visit it promotion offers gadgets: promotional pens, bag, balloon, calendar, hat, clock, clothing, promotional and advertising the other lanyards accessories and any promotional items. Because of diversity of each institution, which was adopted by us in order to be treated as an individual gadget. A high quality wholesale pen should be used for business gifts and special occasions. Please visit our site and acquainted with our offer.

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Friday, September 17, 2010

Casino Gambling Games

Many people all over the world like playing casino online games at this time. You can find many online gambling sites in the internet if you want. Each of them offers different games and fun for their customers. Online casino has many fans because they can get better sound effects and better graphic. People don’t need to go at the middle of the night just to find casino club land. Its easy and fantastic.

All we need to do is turn on the computer and download the game; I think people can do that. The most favorite casino gambling games available in the entire casino gambling are online slot machine, online roulette, online poker and online blackjack. But you can play keno, Craps, baccarat and many other gambling games too. People like to play roulette because this game is interesting.

If you are a newbie, you can also learn how to play roulette at the website. Before you play, make sure that you play in reliable online gambling site only. Well, there are many bad reputation online casino sites on the internet. You must choose carefully. If you are interested to play and want to try your chances, you can start visit the online casinos site now.

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Casino Onlie can Give You Fun Time

Although many people thinking they have never played money online casinos themselves, because it can spent their money. BUT, I have never understood and could never agree with the common belief that spending $40 in a cinema or in a pub is something better than having a pleasant evening while playing roulette or poker. Can you imagine a better way to have fun? , It is why online casino games is one of few hobbies that can give you joy and pleasure.

Many casino online that you can use as reference. It provides list of the casino games you can play, it is for free.. You can get information about list of slot online game that available in the world wide web or the other games like roulette, poker, jackpot, etc. The complete review of trusted casino online sites can save your time for doing research by yourself. When play seems normal, but when playing will have exciting experience. Try it and you will HAPPY

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Monday, September 13, 2010

TIME to Get WORK again

Period this year Ramadan begins on August 11 to 9 September 2010. At the close of August 10, 2010, JCI was perched at the level of 3057.161. At the close of 7 September 2010 (last trade before the Lebaran), JCI has increased by 173.727 points (5.68%) to the level of 3230.888.

Compare with transactions in the period of Ramadan in 2008 and 2009. In 2008, the period of Ramadan took place on 1 to September 30, 2008. At the close of business August 29, 2008, JCI was in the level of 2165.943. At the close of trading the end of Ramadan on September 29, 2008, the Composite Index decreased by 333.436 points (15.39%) to the level of 1832.507.

After long holiday, now it’s time to working again. When look IHSG chart, I shocked how can this happened. Candlestick still moved up although in holiday week. This time I am using FIBONACCI RETRACEMENT for my new technical analysis method.

1. IHSG near the TOP 2340 point (123% fibo), next pullback down to 3104 point(100% fibo).
2.MACD signal show BUY
3.Momentum line almost show BUY, if the green line break UP the blue line.
4.Relative Strength Index still GOOD condition, moving in range between 50%-70%.

Many friend asked me,” whether I should buy now???” I SAID “NOOOOO”!!!!! Please be patient, wait till candlestick back to 100% fibo or touch moving average 30 days. Should not feel too late to buy, coz it will back DOWN SOON. HAPPY N SAVE TRADING!!
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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Chrome Accessories for your car

Like fruits, Modifications Car has season too. Moreover, for young people, not enough that if you had a nice car did not join the trend. But style mutually costs. Mean liver makes more eye catching car, what the bag was helpless.

Do not worry. You do not need to worry, Modify Cars dreams not only in fantasy. shared a few tricks to make racing car with chrome accessories without need a lot of cost.

CARID started to use our extruded plastic flexible chrome trim to supplement or replace non-existent, badly damaged, and seriously expensive stainless and chrome trim. At first it was just to replace missing original pieces, and the fact they were non-O.E. replacements went un-noticed, as it should be. When we went all-out on a ’38 Ford and trimmed out the grill and hood vents (parts that never had, but carid felt should have had chrome trim), it got attention! Originally intended only for our personal amusement, when our buddies came around they wanted to know who did all the custom chrome! THAT’S CARID

Not only chrome accessories sold by CARID, but many accessories to renew your car appearance. It is like : Dash Kits, Custom Grill, Spoilers, body kits, guards, exhaust, GPS, etc. they sell with reasonable price and purchase can be made through online.

When you buy they will serve you with good service and delivery. Goods are sold from the famous brand that can be guaranteed quality. If you need more information and question please email

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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Learning Stock

Before investing in stocks, we should understand what a stock and its characteristics. Stock is a form of corporate ownership. For example there is a firm example of Telkom, and you have shares in the company, then it means that you also are owners of Telkom. If you have a 1% share of all shares of Telkom Telkom's existing market means you have 1% of Telkom.

The advantage of having these shares are, we can obtain the dividend (distribution of benefits, if Telkom makes a profit) and profiting from the sale of Telkom shares of us who have climbed or so-called capital gains. Stock prices will rise, because influenced by supply and demand. If Telkom on this year obtained a large gain, then we expect no sharing of profits (dividends) are great as well. Therefore, a lot of demand for the shares of Telkom, so the price will go up.

Looking at the characteristics of the stocks above, the easiest strategy to profit from stocks is by buying shares of superior (blue chip). Stocks such as Telkom shares, and Astra.

To be able to invest in shares, you need to contact the broker or securities firm as an intermediary. To choose which company you will act as an intermediary, to note whether the company is listed on the JSE and / or SSX, commissions on sales / purchases, and what services are provided. Read More....