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Friday, December 4, 2009

United States Economy less stable!!

United States, The process of recovery in the United State is showing that less stable, it reference with the labor and unemployment condition. This condition is unfinished business from US government, so with this problem are still open the possibility for the US economy. This news come from THE FED.

So far the economy recession in US have caused 7,3 million people getting unemployment. Unemployment rate reach 10,2% in October. And its still increase till 11% next year although US economy in recovery phase. This data came from US labor department.

Indonesia (3 December 2009), Bank of Indonesia decided to keep its interest BI rate at level 6.5% at the end of 2009. Indonesia’s economy in 2009 showed that resistance was strong enough to face the global economic crisis. Bank Indonesia estimate that in 2009 economy would grow by 4,3%. In 2010 grow would grow 5%.

Capital market supervisory and financial institution or Badan pengawasan pasar modal dan lembaga keuangan (Bapenpam-LK) immediately issued a rule that loosened limits the maximum issuance of new shares (Rights issue) without Right Preemptive or Hak Memesan Efek terlebih dahulu (HMETD) that new rule will give facilities for company which throw its share to the public through stock market.

Bapenpam will release new rule that contain new long investment contract, to reduce disputes between investors and investment intermediaries. With the new rules, Bapenpam has the authority to cancel an investment contract if it does not meet the specified standards.

I sold my stock because the political situation is not in good condition, like what I mentioned ABOVE.

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