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Monday, January 5, 2009

Best Prediction Buy

First look my prediction I made before this post, here please!!

My money Rp 10.754.940
I calculate the commission at the time of selling shares

Total commission for buy and sell stock is 0,7%

My Stocks

Please READ my Analysis!!
Buy ANTM (Aneka Tambang Tbk)
10 lots at price 1140 = 10 x 500 x 1140 = 5.700.000

My Stocks Now
ANTM, 10 lots buy at price 1140

Yesterday, stocks that i told you to buy Like ANTM, PTBA, TINS, AALI, and SGRO, this day moved ups about 10% or more, GOOD BUY IS IT!!
Now you must think when or at what price I must SELL this stock!!
ANTM 1300
PTBA 8800
TINS 1400
AALI 14000
SGRO 1400
Or you can sell while CCI (Commodity Channel Index) reach 200!!
Myself, I sell while ANTM reach back to middle BOOLINGER band line, or MA30!! Because it's
already BULL, or Israel stop war againts GAZA!!

If you are not sure just sell a half!! Another half just follow my way!! YOUR WILL BE HAPPY!!!