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Monday, May 16, 2011

Doin Credit Repair

If you are thinking of doing credit repair keep these tips in mind:

1. Get a copy of your credit report from credit repair service and dispute any negative accounts on each of them. The three major credit bureaus are Trans Union, Experian, and Equifax.

2. When disputing negative accounts (collections, late payments, repossessions, etc.) remember that the credit bureaus must investigate and verify each account within 30 days or delete the item in dispute.

3. When challenging errors on your credit reports by mail always use the certified and return receipt mail. This will let you know if and when your letters were delivered to the credit bureaus.

4. Do not get discouraged when doing credit repair. If the credit repair services are able to verify that the accounts you are disputing with them are in fact yours continue disputing them every 30 days. People have found that a prolonged amount of credit repair efforts have given them the best results.

5. Pay your bills on time!

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Sunday, May 15, 2011

The ring is a sign of love

The ring is a sign of love. Symbols affinity two hearts that share and complement each other. Dowry marriage, proposal, engagement or expression of a person against his lover is generally characterized by a ring.

Choosing engagement rings and wedding bands are not easy. Many things are considered. Starting from the price, form, to the suitability of taste. It turns out the engagement ring or wedding band selection is also able to describe how your personality, relationship with spouse and wedding styles.

Just look many kind ring or priceless gift that reported from They sell gem stone, pendant, earring, bracelet, necklace, wedding band, diamond wedding bands, etc with reasonable price and good quality. If you have any other question call here 18889675353.

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Monday, May 9, 2011


In this days, in the global recovery economic crisis, lots of people are confusing how to get extra income since there are many investment offers that sounds lucrative but actually do not the best prospect in the future. everyone affected by the changing market conditions and worried about storing most precious metals at home or any bank??? To avoid the loss or failure in investment, it's strongly recommended that choose low risk investment. Like gold IRA and gold 401k.

IRA gold and 401k gold is the low risk investment. Looking now 9 may 2011 gold price at 1504.10 USD/t oz and still growing up. That’s s good saving for the future time since it does not rely on fluctuations and its value is quite stable even if in crisis condition. provide a place to conduct negotiations and gold IRA transfer. do not only buy and sell gold in the best prices. But also give you advice how to manage your gold investment. So, what are we waiting for? Change your investment into gold IRA before the price going UP again. TIME is GOLD.

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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Play it from everwhere

With the Internet, the distance and the time issues can be resolved. People can meet with the other quickly. In this modern time, win some money while sit at home is not possible. How do that. Many casino online games provide those service.

Yes, there are many online casino you can find on the internet. However, you should choose no deposit casino, which it is mean new player doesn’t have to pay for play the game, just play it for free. One of The best casinos online on the internet is

They accept USA players and all over player around the world. Don’t worry about security and payment method. It call amex casinos online. Amex (American Express), so your money in good company. It offer big bonus casinos, no deposit casinos, flash casinos, language casinos. The most interesting thing is, you can play casino games from anywhere.

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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Gold IRA investment

Why gold is important for your investment life? Gold is the best long term investment asset in this world. Gold has no nationality and is eternally and universally accepted all over the world. Gold with a small capital investment you will get a passive income with risks as low as possible ..

If you have limited funds and you are interested in business ..Or, you want to invest in the safest way without wasting your time ..or, you want to get more than just a sideline income and you want the future revenue side you become the main income. Try gold IRA.

IRA gold is one of individual retirement account cal called as retirement plan. Your gold investment will be secured in IRA facilities and you can easily withdraw or sell your gold from your IRA gold account. That’s regulated by USA government.

If you want to make 401k gold account, try here it will serves the best, they will offer for gold IRA transfer services and take full assistance to manage your gold 401k investment. If you want to get optimum investment returns from gold, there will be no better choice than Gold IRA investment.

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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Time to Turn Your Money into Stocks

Investing for the community should be a lifestyle trend. Never again think only limited to 'save' and place the funds on deposit are supposedly the safest investment instruments. Begin to switch into the stock. Why?

Simple indicator is the increase in the Composite Index (JCI), which reached 46.13%, to 3703.512 levels throughout 2010, and is predicted to continue in this year.

According to research result of PT Bahana TCW Investment Management, a strategy of investing in 2011 is to minimize the allocation of liquidity, whether cash or deposits. The problem of excess liquidity to keep interest rates low, so that placement can not cover inflation.

Let us look at interest rate movements on the type of investment deposit. Since 2005, the government cut fuel subsidies and the allocation of a global crisis that terrible incident in 2008, causing deposit rates continue to decline. Until the acquisition of interest on the bonds can not fight inflation, especially of food commodities and education.

Indeed, during the 1998 crisis, the government became a full guarantee that public funds kept on deposit. So forget the notion that deposit as a profitable and safe investment.

Trimming the fuel subsidy is causing inflation and cause interest rates to rise. But it is a positive impact, especially foreign investor confidence, actually rose.

Furthermore, not only foreigners who buy government bonds, but also the domestic banking system. Proceeds from sales of government bonds has raised additional funds of banking, even beyond the purposes for which credit has actually increased.

As a result, excess funds are collected in Bank Indonesia Certificates (SBI), and ultimately be borne by the central bank.

Bank Indonesia (BI) makes the instrument interest rate to control inflation through the absorption of liquidity. If the rupiah liquidity is absorbed, there can be strengthening the lower the risk of inflation. During the height of SBI bank money, banks are relatively not so require public funds as reflected in the relatively low deposit rates.

Alternative solution is to stock investing. Shares of commodity sector is still one of the main drivers of investment in the stock market. However, expectations of rising stocks will not last year.

Investments in debt securities or types of corporate bonds are also eligible ogled. Investors can choose a corporate bond with a good credit rating, rather than government bonds. Mapping the state bond yield for tenor of 10 years, at the end of 2010 was 7.6% level. This figure was lower than the average 10-year inflation of 8.3%.

Other investment alternatives can be done in non-listed companies through private equity funds. Especially when the price of stocks and bonds are considered expensive, while low-interest bonds awake.

The advantage of investing in private equity funds is the dividend. In addition, there is potential for greater profits at the company's business released to the capital market as a public company.

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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

My new UPDATE ^_^

INDONESIA STOCK EXCHANGE (IHSG) inside a BOX with resistance 3765 point and support 3526 point. IHSG in sideways condition, still looking for direction. If break 3765 it BULL, else break down 3526 it bear.

1. Moving average 30 days, 40 days , and 60 days line get closer.

-Watch out for DEAD CROSS (Moving average 30 days line cross down moving average 40 days line)= BEAR .
-OR GOLD CROSS (Moving average 30 days line cross UP moving average 40 days line) = BULL

2. MACD progressively steady.

3. Momentum still Indicate BULL position. Green line still above Blue line. Check Picture.

4.WATCH OUT Relative strength Index is touching 50% and still going UP.

My Opinion, looks like IHSG will touch near 3700 again. You can buy now if you want and sell it next month. Choose agriculture and mining stock. Like:

1. AALI buy 25000, sell 26900.
2.INDF buy 4750, sell 5650.
3.KRAS buy 1170, sell 1350.
4.ADRO buy 2525, sell 2650
5.CPIN buy 1872, sell 2030.
6.TINS buy 2750, sell 3000. Read More....