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Friday, May 28, 2010

You are Not Alone with Credit Problem

If you think you are alone with your debts, think again. Every person, regardless of economic status or circumstances, is in debt in one way or another. You may have some small debts, like credit cards or financing, or large debt like student loans and mortgages. Either way, debt levels directly affect your credit. Everyone need credit repair.

Without a good credit score, you may have trouble getting a loan or mortgage, or even a debit card - the things most of us just like that. Your credit score is the key to your credit report, maintained by credit bureaus. If you miss payments or fall into default on the debt, it will be reported to your credit bureau, and as a result, your credit score will fall. Repair your credit effectively is a process with many steps, and unique to each individual. However, one method to improve credit score, which has worked for individuals in many situations, is the consolidation of debt.

This is important when dealing with credit repair to act fast. Although your credit rating be damaged soon after you miss payments on loans or debt, will become worse and more difficult to act on later if you do not act immediately. This is a common misconception that you also have a "good" or "bad" credit and once you get behind, it is useless to try and fix it. This is not true! Always best to work on your credit issues immediately, because if given the chance, they will get worse.

Even if you are not able to pay your creditors on time, repair your credit requires you to pay your debts as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, your economic situation may be such that you do not have all the money you need to pay your debts, or you will lose your payment in the first place. This is why debt consolation can be a great tool in credit repair.

Debt consolidation works by combining all existing debts into one loan. In other words, if you have some existing debt are different, you can take a single loan from one bank or company, to pay existing debt with a loan, and left with only one loan to pay off.

Debt allows you the flexibility of comfort in a situation where your debts have become regulated. Although the amount of money you owe will not change, you can get long-term loan to consolidate your debts and your monthly payment will be lower. Best of all, debt consolidation will soon bring you current with your creditors, and ultimately improve your credit score will be easier. Debt consolidation loans are not quick fix solutions, but it will prevent additional damage to your credit immediately, and allow you to begin to repair your credit immediately.

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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Reasons People Find Aged Corporations

Many difficulties in building a company. Have a big capital or money but do not know how to start it. Even if you have a lot of money is very hard to build a company. What you need is to find a company or a corporation that has no activity that call shelf company, shelf corporation, or aged corporations. With this people can start the company without going through all the creating procedure.

The Reason Why People Buy Shelf Corporation are:

1.You will spend lots of times as well as lots of money for all incorporation procedures.

2.Easier to get corporate credit. It is because the Shelf corporations with credit can give the accessibility and the business credit to do the business.

3. More easily acceptable to the market. Because your company not the new one.

4.Can get famous more quick than the new company.

5.Gain opportunity to gain contract.

Many websites offer Shelf Corporations for Sale with different features and price. But I think you must try Whole Self Corporation. Now it giving you discount about 10% off. Many different type of company sell with super low price. Visit their website now to find what kind of company that they offer. It is also guaranteed that Wholesale Shelf Corporations will give you the most reliable support and price to make sure that the shelf company you bought will bring many benefits and money.

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Thursday, May 20, 2010


State of world stock markets in a serious condition. All Stock Index of big country already in bearish condition. Example Dow Jones, Hangseng, Nikkei, Europe stock. Etc. Check my technical analysis on DOW JONES.

1.Candlestick broke it’s Moving Average line. After experiencing a decline in few days, it try to climb. But it not strong enough and back down again and again. That’s calls PULLBACK DOWN.

2.MACD line touch -100

3.DEAD CROSS momentum. Momentum(200d) broke down MomentumMA(200d).

4.Relative Strength Index broke down 50%line.

ALL Technical analysis that I used to, indicate DOW JONES IN BEAR POSITION

Indonesia Stock Exchange Condition had the same condition with Dow Jones. See my picture, if candlestick break down SUPPORT at 2625 line that could be more dangerous. Conclusion do not BUY ANYTHING!!! DANGER AHEAD. Get out from This GAME.

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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Debt Reduction Program

Like millions of people around the world, if you like debt relief and caught yourself in heavy debt burden, this is when you have to find ways that can help you out of the dilapidated financial crisis. This is where debt reduction programs can be very helpful to you. To begin the process of debt elimination process, the first thing you should do is to apply for online debt consolidation free quote from a well-known financial companies.

Bid Farewell To All Your Worries Debt.

Here, it is very important for you to understand that most debt consolidation companies provide free of cost. If any company asks the cost of the debt consolidation quote, it is possible that they are unscrupulous companies and their main motive is to make profits rather than help you pay all your debts with an easier way. Once again, a free online quote means must be completely free, and there are no hidden costs should, too.

The process of applying for debt consolidation free quote online is easy. All you need to do is just to fill out the online form, giving details about various matters relating to your debts and finances. This includes information regarding your credit score or FICO score, employment status, etc. Once you get all the company's important information, they process your request and within a few minutes, you will begin receiving debt consolidation loan quotes based on your specific debt situation and other financial conditions.

The good thing is that debt consolidation companies also keep in mind your long-term financial goals and short-term and they offer a free offer that would not only help you pay all your debt in the shortest possible time but also will help you achieve your goal of financial landmarks. Once you get quotes from several companies, you can analyze all the offers and can choose the one that offers the best solution to debt consolidation. Of course, the best solution is one that allows you to pay off all your debts with lower monthly payments and the time is shorter. After you select the perfect debt assistance is free, you can only transfer all your debt related to their worry.

So, be wise and act intelligently. Conduct a thorough research and choose the most appropriate offering to certain financial conditions.

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Monday, May 17, 2010

Personal Safety Product

There just happened kidnapping a college student in my city and then raped. The effect was certainly another student in fear. Similar incidents, but nothing ever happened to the student both in town and in other countries. Here I provide some useful tips.

Remain calm under threat. It's difficult, but it must be done. If you learn martial art, it could be easier for you to stay calm. When eye contact and had been threatened at gunpoint, face-to-back eyes and try to find a gap. Novice criminals will be nervous and this opportunity could be used to run. Or you can carry any personal security tools like spray pepper, little knife, or stun gun.

When I surf on the internet. I found That will of help you to find any personal safety products. Like pepper spray, STUN gun, women safety gears, etc. very complete and with reasonable price.

For personal security, take pepper spray equipment. You can make your own by using water and chili pepper and the input into a spray bottle. But homemade not effective enough. Try buying a special eye spray. Special eye spray usually will not easily lose its effect. Or stun guns that’s better one. Stuns your kidnaper till unconscious.

What are you waiting for just buy it now for your safety. Remember crimes occur because there is a chance. BECAREFUL!!

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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Woman must Investing In Stock Market

The emancipation of Indonesian women are not just limited to the choice of working outside the home. Although the choice was to encourage financial independence for women, sometimes the choice was still difficult living.

Moreover, if the woman is married and has a baby. Taking the choice to work outside the home would not want to sacrifice time away from home and left my beloved baby. Of course this option is still difficult for most women.

For that reason, it is necessary to create alternative ways women financially independent, without sacrificing time for family.

Women investing in the stock market could be one attractive option. Moreover, now the world capital markets in the process of transition to the era of transactions via the internet or known by the name of online trading.

Online trading facilities, is certainly able to mediate between the classical problem of women's work versus home-based women. With online trading, aka married women, housewives, can still have full time care of a home while looking for alternative funding sources.

Women should take the role of investing in the stock market. Because women are the Minister of Finance in the family, the management of capital markets can certainly be done.

Investing in the stock market could become a new entrepreneurship track for housewives. However, he cautioned, the decision to buy or sell a particular stock, not only based on rumors but must be on a comprehensive fundamental analysts.
This could be an alternative entrepreneurship. He does not have to leave home to make transactions on capital markets, namely by making use of online trading.

Well, for women or housewives who decided to find alternative funding sources without having to sacrifice time for families, investing in the stock market can be quite nice choice. But of course, an understanding of the world's capital markets should be sufficient. One-one, that there is even stump rather than profit. Jakarta - The emancipation of Indonesian women are not just limited to the choice of working outside the home. Although the choice was to encourage financial independence for women, sometimes the choice was still difficult living.
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Sunday, May 9, 2010

German Online Casino

Suchen Sie in Black Jack online mit echtem Geld spielen? Oder vielleicht sind Sie einfach nur Lust zum Ausspannen mit einigen Freunden nach der Arbeit oder bei Black Jack Tipps. Jede Weise, die Wahl eines Online-Casino ist ein wichtiger erster Schritt.

Also wo ist der beste Ort, um Black Jack online spielen?

Zum Glück für euch alle, ich sei ein Online-Blackjack-fiend in meiner College-Zeit und blies eine Menge Geld in den Prozess. Wenn es eine Sache, die ich aus dem Prozess gelernt haben, ist es, dass Online-Casinos sind definitiv nicht das gleiche! Einige werden sogar direkt bis abgezockt!

Server Geschwindigkeiten sind eine andere Sache zu prüfen, bei der Auswahl eines Online Blackjack spielen Website. Vertrauen Sie mir, Sie werden schnell müde wartet Tabellen zu laden, wenn Ihr Server saugt, und glauben Sie mir, es gibt einige Scheiß da draußen. Einige scheinen zu den günstigsten Zeiten zu trennen ... When You're Winning! Sie sind definitiv gehen zu wollen, um diese zu vermeiden.

Schließlich ist die Ästhetik sehr wichtig für mich. Ich weiß, es klingt seltsam, aber eine schön gestaltete Online-Blackjack-Kasino sollte eine gute Atmosphäre haben, und nutzt Farben, die einfach über die Augen sind.

Nimmt man alle diese Faktoren berücksichtigt, habe ich festgestellt, dass die besten Online-Blackjack-Casinos in deutscher Sprache bei weitem Nicht nur, dass sie beide akzeptieren Spielern aus der deutschen, sondern auch international! Sie können black jack spiel hilfe, Tipps und Beiträge auf dieser Website. Worauf warten Sie spielen es jetzt.

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Repair Credit Score

Some people probably still do not quite hear the term credit score. In fact, you have a credit score can affect your chances of getting a good interest rate, chances of getting housing, even a job.

Some people tend to mistakenly interpret a credit score. Some believe that he did not have a credit score because it was never requested a loan. In fact, every individual who has a bank account number or invoice, must have a credit score.

Credit scores are based on financial history and assets owned now. There are various terms to label this credit score, ranging from the level of credit risk, the FICO score, credit level, or any credit risk score. Credit score is a reference for prospective lenders about the rate of return or the likelihood of someone carrying out its debt payments.

Then, what is the importance of this credit score? Every time you apply for credit, insurance premiums, mortgage loans, or apply for jobs associated with handling finances, then your credit score will be checked.

If your bad credit score, the better the chance you get a chance also dwindling. This indicates a high risk of the likelihood of default, so that interest loans into higher. You need credit report repair services.

If your credit score was already bad, you should make an effort to fix this. Improving credit scores can indeed take some time. Responsible for credit, paying bills on time, and act according to logic, can help you get a good credit score.

When I searched on the internet I found that is one of the best credit repair company. They have some strategies that can be applied to improve your credit score and take care your financial problem.

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Wednesday, May 5, 2010



TODAY I SHOCKEDDD, I think MY ADRO still strong at 2100(My sell point), but today it opening at 2075. Where My Sell point? when stock broke down its moving average 30.

I can get 2075 so I sell at 2050. HUUUUHHH!!!!

Today Indonesia Stock Exchange drop more than 3.5 percent. It happened because of the famous and clever woman in Indonesia SRI MULYANI (Finance minister) resign from her job and now she promoted to work as MANAGING DIRECTOR OF WORLD BANK. Because of that IHSG market capitalization value even fell almost Rp 100 trillion. SO SAD HUH!!!!

My Money Rp 12.115.825

My Stock

ADRO 10 lots at price 1880

I Sell ADRO 10 lots at price 2050

ADRO =10 X 500 X 2050 = 10.250.000 + FEE BUY(0.004 X 9.400.000)= 10.209.000

My Money Rp 22.324.825




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Monday, May 3, 2010

First Quarter 2010 Cunsumer rise 3,2%

World News. Last week was a volatile one for the US equity market. The S&P500 hit a trough of 1,180pts on Tuesday before bouncing back. But by Friday night, it gave back all the gains and more. Instead of a triangle formation, it is likely that the S&P500 completed a "flat formation" last Tuesday. If we are right, it hit a near-term bottom last week and should challenge the 1,120-1,140 level over the next 1-2 weeks before reaching at least a near-term peak. The key support is at 1,181 and a breakdown below this level would indicate that our alternative wavecount is taking place. The S&P500 could have reached an immediate peak of 1,219.80 last Monday . The MSCI Asia ex-Japan stayed below its major resistance trend line, currently at 507pts. For us to turn positive on the index, it needs to overcome this level.

1Q10: GDP rises 3.2% as consumers lead the way
US real GDP growth paces lower to 3.2% in 1Q10 (5.6% in 4Q09), marking the third consecutive quarterly increase. 1Q GDP data were below our expectations of 3.8% as well as market consensus (3.4%). Consumer spending picked up to rise by 3.6% in 1Q10 (1.6% in 4Q09). However, there was a downshift in corporate investment to a growth of 14.8% in 1Q10 (+46.1% in 4Q09) while exports also slowed sharply to 5.8% in 1Q10 from 22.8% in 4Q09. Overall, the 1Q GDP data look encouraging with consumers leading the way. But, the issue is whether the trend is sustainable going into 2H10. The boost from inventories and fiscal support will play out by 2Q, and this will pull headline growth back. Without a sustained increase in job creation, consumer spending will likely to falter. We maintain this year's GDP growth estimate at 2.5%. In our view, the moderate pace of growth meant that the Fed would bide its time before raising interest rate. As such, we maintain our outlook for the Fed funds target rate of 0.50% for 2010 and 1.25% for 2011.
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25 leading shares on the Indonesia

Indonesia News. A total of 25 leading shares on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) has a market capitalization reached IDR 1732.063 trillion. Shares of PT Astra International Tbk (ASII), PT Telkom Tbk (TLKM), and PT Bank Central Asia Tbk (BBCA) is still the three top stocks with a market capitalization as of April, 2010.

The total market capitalization value of BEI as of April 30 2010 at Rp 2423 trillion. From these values, as many as 25 leading shares has a market capitalization amounted to USD 1732.063 trillion. That means the mastery of 25 leading shares reached 72.17% of the total market capitalization in BEI.

Here's a list of 25 stocks with the largest capitalization as of end April 2010:

PT Astra International Tbk (ASII) of Rp 190.879 trillion.

PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia Tbk (TLKM) Rp 158.255 trillion.

PT Bank Central Asia Tbk (BBCA) Rp 133.026 trillion.

PT Bank Mandiri (Persero) Tbk (BMRI) Rp 120.408 trillion.

PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia (BBRI) Rp 109.299 trillion

PT Unilever Indonesia Tbk (UNVR) Rp 105.675 trillion.

PT Perusahaan Gas Negara Tbk (PGAS) Rp 99.390 trillion.

PT Adaro Energy Tbk (Adro) Rp 70.369 trillion.

PT United Tractors Tbk (UNTR) Rp 64.874 trillion

PT HM Sampoerna Tbk (HMSP) Rp 61.362 trillion.

PT Indocement Tunggal Prakasa Tbk (INTP) Rp 58.163 trillion.

PT Gudang Garam Tbk (GGRM) Rp 53.104 trillion.

PT International Nickel Indonesia Tbk (INCO) Rp 49.681 trillion.

PT Semen Gresik (Persero) Tbk (SMGR) Rp 48.638 trillion.

PT Bank Danamon Indonesia Tbk (BDMN) Rp 48.218 trillion.

PT Bumi Resources Tbk (BUMI) Rp 46.084 trillion.

PT Indo Tambangraya Tbk (ITMG) Rp 44.123 trillion.

PT Tambang Coal Bukit Asam Tbk (PTBA) Rp 42.856 trillion.

PT Bank Negara Indonesia Tbk (BBNI) Rp 39.315 trillion.

PT Astra Agro Lestari Tbk (AALI) Rp 34.959 trillion.

PT Indofood Sukses Makmur Tbk (INDF) Rp 34.243 trillion.

PT Indosat Tbk (ISAT) Rp 32.060 trillion.

XL Axiata PT Tbk (EXCL) Rp 31.692 trillion.

PT Bank Pan Indonesia Tbk (PNBN) Rp 30.273 trillion.

PT Bank CIMB Niaga Tbk (BNGA) Rp 25.117 trillion.

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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Debt Consolidation

Debt Consolidation is one of the best alternative, especially if you have multiple debts and in the hurly-burly of their pay. Many borrowers may have heard about debt consolidation but might not know what it is and what there is to know about it prior to availing of it.

Some people owe some debt in the financial crisis only because of the nefarious use of credit cards. Most people, upon the expiration of a credit card to start using another credit card. It's like transferring from the frying pan into the fire. Many credit card users do not know that the prevailing interest rate for credit cards is on the higher side. Almost no part of the monthly payment by credit card users go to service the principal amount, whereas, most went to the service of interest. When the credit card user aware of this, it is usually too late and availing of the consumer credit consolation become inevitable. can help you in availing of free credit counseling non profit. One you sign up for availing of debt consolidation service representative. So how to consolidate debt? They will negotiating with a lender or lenders to reduce overall debt and the reduction or elimination of penalties related to late payments. Get credit card debt consolidation tips and trick in counseling and advice can help you to consolidate your credit debt. You can call PHONE: 1-800-556-1548 for counseling.

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Did you know Accounting?

Did you ever know accounting? if already known, good! What is accounting? Accounting is the process of identifying, measuring and reporting economic information to enable the assessment and decisions clearly and firmly to the interested parties who use such information.

From the above understanding of the main objectives contained in accounting is to produce or present the information economy (economic information) from an economic union (economic entities) to the parties concerned. Therefore, the accounting information that basically presents economic information to the many parties that need, so that accounting is also often called the language of the business world. Why is that? Since accounting is a means of communication and information for those who need it.All types of businesses, from large corporations to small individual businesses, government departments to non-profit organization, needs a chartered accountant.

Accounting presents techniques for gathering data. The role of economics has become the language of communication, both for individuals and business entities. The process of presenting the use of accounting information to its users. So, accounting information is useful to them as the basis for each decision, and may provide management responsibility to the owner, and know the development of the company from year to year.

Thus the use of accounting as follows:

a. to obtain financial information company;

b. to account management to the owners; and

c. to know the progress of the company.

If you have difficulty in regulating finance and taxation company, you have to find an accountant. My friend live in Australia, he find accounting firms in Sydney and found that is one of the best accounting firm in Australia. It solves many problem and have many success story. You dint have to worry, if need anything just call them. If you need further information call accountant on 1300 TAXMAN (1300 829 626).

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