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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Bingo Affect The Economy

Bingo is one of the famous games in United States. In the past games such as bingo are not famous now. There are two interests in playing bingo. One, for gambling to get more bonus money beside their own fee from work that’s call gambling. Two, to spent leisure time or play just for fun.

Talk about Bingo games, it is very attractive and interactive. First it launched in 1996. Game player come from all ages between 18 till 70 years old. Now you can play all over the world, not need to come to casino place. Just play it online on website, download it program and play it. You can interact with other player through chat. People can try to gamble at online bingo because the money is used not too much and not going to spent all money, but can win bigger prize.

Bingo games have great effect in economy. Why I say like that, check this:

1. Bingo games, Bingo Company or Gabling Company even if it is just online they absorb many workers all over the world.

2. That company pays TAX for the government. From company earnings, worker tax, and player tax.

3. Bring a lot foreign exchange from tourist. They want to try the real bingo games.

4. If someone win BIG prizes, they must be spent their money for shopping. That can increase economy fluctuation.

That’s why every BIG COUNTRY such as United States, China, Singapore, etc builds Gambling Place. And now many online games emerged to support it.