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Saturday, January 2, 2010

2010 World Economy Prediction

2010 World Economy Prediction :

1. After Great Depression at 2008-2009. Financial sector (G20 Country) is expected to recover in early 2010 because helped by government funding that could melt the liquidity. For the short term, in the next several quarters the World economy will still be grappling with a decline in industry performance, weakening consumer confidence indicator, and rising unemployment. Especially in U.S.

2. Oil price keeps stable 75 to 95$. Many company still find more cheaper fuel for their industry like COAL, BioFuel, etc. This led to an increase in the price of other resources, because many request.

3. Gold price goes up slowly into 1300$-1500$, Buy this kind of investment for safety.

4. US, Europe, and Japan show an economic improvement in 2010. Will be increased about 3-4%.

5. Economy 2010 for Developing Countries in the area to be 5-6 percent growth.

6. STILL more difficult Trouble Find A Job. last unemployment data showed an increase of 8.1%. The high unemployment rate will likely slow economic improvement scheme. Especially savings and durable goods. Official reports said the unemployment rate was 10% for most of the period of 2010, but it could take up to 12% in the U.S..

7. Real Estate Prices Flat to Low. Real estate prices is expected to be on track with a flat or decline during 2010.

8. The FED rate still almost zero percent.

9. Dollar will still drop in 2010.