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Sunday, December 7, 2008

What is Stock?

learn about stocksStock is evidence of ownership a company. You have the rights to have devidens and and has the rights to manage the policy and the way the company, depending on the size of your shares. If you have only one lot, your rights to manage the company did not apply because the shares are owned by very small, but you still receive dividends.

The purchase of shares must be done on 500 sheets is also called with 1 lot. You can get profit from Capital Gain and Devidens. Example, buy shares A with a price of 500, and shares A are sold with the price of 600. The Difference 100 is called the Capital Gain. Dividend rights are received from the company's profit results, it can be in the form of money and stocks.

How do I buy shares? You must register on The Broker Companies which registered in the IDX (Indonesia Stock Exchange). If there are companies that are not listed in IDX, The Company is illegal. I tell you this is very dangerous.

Finally, if you do not know anything about stocks and so forth. Do not use all your money in the stock market, you will suffer losses. For beginners use money to appropriate at least limit the money that is required to register at the securities company.