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Thursday, December 25, 2008

News Bakrie and Crude Oil

Indonesia - PT Bakrie & Brothers Tbk and Northstar Pacific already finished made joint venture!! NorthStar Pacific take 21,4% shares of Bumi Resources Tbk (BUMI).

Bakrie and Brothers (BNBR) will sell 7,8% shares of Bakrieland Development and 4,2% shares of BUMI to pay the debt due to the economic crisis!!

Lets see what happen to Bakrie group Company, it is good or not!!

Indonesia Government set export price for Crude Palm Oil Price US$ 490,73 per metric ton (MT). With price under US$ 550 per ton then the CPO export tax still zero percent.

Next Export Price (HPE) for CPO product: from detikfinance

Fruit and kernel crude palm US$ 164/MT

CPO US$ 418/MT

Crude Olein US$ 501/MT

Crude Stearin US$ 337/MT

Crude Palm Kernel Oil (CPKO) US$ 436/MT

Crude Kernel Stearin US$ 436/MT

Crude Kernel Olein US$ 436/MT

RBD Palm Olein US$ 499/MT

TBD Palm Kernel Olein US$ 469/MT.

RBD Palm Kernel Stearin YS$ 677/MT

RBD Palm Stearin US$ 325/MT

RBD Palm Kernel Oil US$ 506/MT

RBD Palm Oil US$ 480/MT

Fatty Acid Methyl EstersUS$ 541/MT.

But still if you want to buy Crude Palm oil sector you must watch Oil price, BOOILINGER BAND OF AGRICULTURE SECTOR IS TIGHT NOW SO WATCH IT!!