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Thursday, December 4, 2008

The First Thing You Should Know

If you do not want to play successfully in the stock and does not want to learn the stock market better close this blog. But if you want to continue learning to study with me, and we will be successful together. I tell that there is no quick way so rich through stock market, when rich quick, loss also as fast or even faster. This is very dangerous, therefore we will help each other with this blog.
Examples in my blog using The Indonesian Stock Exchange or Jakarta Composite Exchange (JSX), but can be implemented on any stock market. Trust ME =D!!

This blog contains about:
1. How do I choose a good stock to benefit.
2. Summary of books from the author's famous book shares.
3. News relating to the stock market.
4. Notice important thing about The Market Condition.
5. Help solve the problem.
6. Shares in the transaction by the author's blog.
7. Knowing Your Investor Profile.

Thats All!!!