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Thursday, December 11, 2008

I Will TINS why???

Tomorrow I will buy TINS at price 1120. Why I do that???

  1. TINS Already break out at 10/12/2008 with high volume. Then return to MA30 today!!
  2. RSI line already rise above 50% RSI (Relative Strength Index) . And return to 50%!
  3. IF MA30 and 50%RSI not Break down tomorrow, BUY IT PLEASEE!!
  4. MA30 line cut MA40 from bottom to top, below MA60 line it says GOLDEN CROSS!!!
  5. Oil price going up 45$ now, But resistant in 46$ must break.
  6. IN 17 December, OPEC will reduce oil production, it can increase OIL price!!!
First target price is 1239 Look at The Picture!!
You must set stop lost below MA30!!