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Tuesday, December 23, 2008


My money Rp 6.802.800
I calculate the commission at the time of selling shares

Total commission for buy and sell stock is 0,7%

My Stocks Now
BMRI (BANK Mandiri, BANK) 4 lots at price 2050

Please READ my Analysis!!
SELL Stock 23-12-2008
10 lots at price 1990 = 4 x 500 x 1990 = Rp 3.980.000-(0.7%*3.980.000)= Rp 3.952.140

My Stocks Now

My money Rp 10.754.940

Why I Sold BMRI??? Look HERE
  1. Next two days it is HOLIDAY OR XMAS day next NEW YEAR, The Window Dressing is over!!
  2. It's Already moved below CUP HANDLE line!!
  3. Three GREEN SOLDIER indicate BEAR trend!! Look Candlestick indicator


PPC said...

wah hasilnya banyak juga...