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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

NEWS Automotive Sector GO UPSSS

News from Bloomberg and Indonesian's Post.

Certainty about the policy it will bailout the U.S. automotive sector raises hopes for the global economy. Especially for the automotive sector encourage the increase of Hangseng n Nikkei. Because all automotive sector encourage index, ASII stock will still go ups tommorow.

General Motors Corp. and Ford Motor Co. gained more than 4 percent as Congress nears a vote on the plan. Newmont Mining Corp. and Marathon Oil Corp. climbed more than 5 percent as copper, gold and crude prices increased. Eastman Kodak Co., the 128-year-old photography company, slid 9 percent as the deepening recession forced it to reduce forecasts. Asian shares advanced, while Europe’s regional index was little changed.

The potential rescue of the car industry “has lessened some concern that we’re going to have a massive layoffs, greater strains on the banks, that domino affect,” said Peter Sorrentino, a money manager at Huntington Asset Advisors in Cincinnati, which oversees about $16 billion. “That has buoyed the market.”

But you must remember The other sector is still danger position, This is only the beginning.


Arief said...

ketokane mudun. seng up iku commo. soale seng dibailout GM e amrik, uduk astra indo wkwkwk