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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Tomorrow, The price of Premium and Solar DOWN

Government again lower the price of fuel oil (fuel). Decrease time to apply this kind of a premium Rp5.000 per liter and diesel become Rp4.800 per liter. This decline started on Monday 15 December 2008 at 00.00 WIB.

The President of Indonesia disclose, views from the decrease in world oil prices, which tend to fall. "However, oil prices are difficult to predict, then we calculate this with subsidies and adjusted in our 2009 Budget," he added.

Unfortunately, however, the price of oil does not follow the decline in premium and diesel, still permanent roost in the price Rp2.500.

The Crisis not calm, also the Big 3 have not helped, the other will bankrupt too, so my advice for you to play quick.
IHSG right conditions are in the MA30 if tomorrow IHSG back UP again, it is time to collect! Because there is fuel down can the decrease in inflation. The fuel DOWN can support up to Window Dressing, IHSG closing the end of the year can reach 1400 SEEP! SUCCESS ALL