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Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Tomorrow can fly again! WHYYY???

  1. High volume, twice of average!!
  2. Candle sticks BreakUP the MA30 line.
  3. The head cone is Break to the top.
  4. RSI line went up penetrate the 50% RSI line.
  5. Oil price still 43$
  6. BBM Will go down in the January 2009!!

When it sell?
Take Profit I in 10300 (resistant 1).
Take Profit II in 12700 (resistant 2).
I suggest you sell in TPI because Overall market in The WORLD are in BEARISH POSITION!!
I allways sell when it reach over 5% from the price i buy when The Market is Bearsih!!

When you Cut Loss??? Its very Important!!
I buy at 9450, I set my CL (Cut Loss) at 9000, it's below 5% from the price I buy!!
But Believe me when its already BREAKOUT with high volume, it will not go down quickly!!
Lets Check Tommorow (10/10/2008) OKEY!!