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Friday, April 30, 2010

Gambling Tax Refund

Have you ever try to play casino online? If you lived in united stated of America you have to pay your winning tax, but if you are Canadian or from England you don’t have to pay it. Because of that as international online gambling players have to get casino tax rebate. But if you from Canada, English, etc as international online gambling players, you don’t have to pay tax upon your winnings or your losses.

Example, if you are American play in USA win $100, you have to pay 10$ as tax, so you only get 90$. If you are Canadian play in USA win $100, first you have to pay tax 10$ than call any casino tax refunds company to get your tax 10$ back, so you get 100$. That’s the differences. If you lose they will give gambling tax back to you.

When you do claim your gambling losses on your tax return, it's a good idea to keep a record of them. While you don't have to send your loss data in with your return, documentation could come in handy if the IRS ever questions the claim. If you need an IRS authorized agent try

Casino Tax Rebate gives you simple and easy services just play your game, it will manage your tax. this website guarantees that you will receive the refund of your casino winnings taxes between 8 up to 18 weeks. if you are international casino players who are interested in playing casino online you must use this website.