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Sunday, April 25, 2010

IHSG fair Level in 2400

Composite Stock Price Indonesian Index (IHSG) has scored remarkable achievements since the fall of world stock markets in 2008 and since at least the last four months.

An optimistic attitude accompanied by a fairly fundamental economic projections, especially when compared with the projected economic growth of neighboring countries and developed countries, has made investors-domestic and global investors to make the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) as one where the investment priorities in 2010.

For the record, the fundamental aspects of domestic and global economies, typically a leading indicator in measuring stock market prospects. If world economic projections would be revised downward, consequently estimated stock prices were going through the same thing.

If I compare with the other Composite stock index like Dow Jones, Hangseng, Nikkei, S&P, European stock index a fair level for 2200 IHSG ranged up to 2400. That means the level of IHSG now 400-500 points higher than fair market value

Above reasons, doubted if IHSG could penetrate and survive in the 3000 level in 2010. Therefore, there are no positive global economic sentiment to create level IHSG stag in 3000.

Careful do not buy now!!!