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Sunday, April 18, 2010

This Week Conclusion

Indonesia- Composite Stock Price Index (IHSG) still continue to score points throughout the weekend along with the continued entry of foreign investment in Indonesia Stock Exchange (BEI). Action of foreign buying of USD 600 billion, while the Jakarta Composite rose 33 points in a week.

JCI increase over last week, driven primarily by the strengthening of the mining sector stocks, both stocks of coal and metal stocks led by rising shares of PT International Nickel Indonesia Tbk (INCO).

JCI even had time to end the 1st day of trading in 2900 on a trade level 15 April 2010. The closure was at the same time setting a new record in the history of JCI IDX.

However, when compared with the previous week's increase, the rate of increase of JCI in the week to tend to slow yesterday. JCI tend to move sideways which was his usual pattern is formed after the rally up fast enough. Hit & run Action Composite coloring trading last week.
Although the level of 2900 even breached, it seems that the rate of increase in JCI could not last long and finally back closing below 2900 levels. Weakening of the shares of the plantation sector to be the largest contributor in keeping the rate of increase in JCI.

See a sharp rise in stocks in the mining sector last week, perhaps this sector will receive a big enough selling pressure next week. Conversely, plantation stocks are expected to be the motor increases JCI next week. Of course, escorted by strengthening ASII shares as shares in BEI's largest berkapitalisasi.