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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Did you know Accounting?

Did you ever know accounting? if already known, good! What is accounting? Accounting is the process of identifying, measuring and reporting economic information to enable the assessment and decisions clearly and firmly to the interested parties who use such information.

From the above understanding of the main objectives contained in accounting is to produce or present the information economy (economic information) from an economic union (economic entities) to the parties concerned. Therefore, the accounting information that basically presents economic information to the many parties that need, so that accounting is also often called the language of the business world. Why is that? Since accounting is a means of communication and information for those who need it.All types of businesses, from large corporations to small individual businesses, government departments to non-profit organization, needs a chartered accountant.

Accounting presents techniques for gathering data. The role of economics has become the language of communication, both for individuals and business entities. The process of presenting the use of accounting information to its users. So, accounting information is useful to them as the basis for each decision, and may provide management responsibility to the owner, and know the development of the company from year to year.

Thus the use of accounting as follows:

a. to obtain financial information company;

b. to account management to the owners; and

c. to know the progress of the company.

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