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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Should have a credit card?

I once put on a credit cards. In the daily activities I never forgot to bring the card in my wallet, and even I felt less safe when traveling out of town without a credit card. But the least I liked about credit card debt that is flowering. Because of that, I always trying to pay bills my credit card is paid off every month, and until now I never had a problem with my credit card.

Credit cards can also be used as a reserve for unexpected needs, such as if suddenly there was a family who are sick and need hospitalization, then the advance payment can use a credit card, this is not troublesome than if we have to first ATM or cash money in the bank. It can be used as a means of compensation payments and help make payments on household bills.

Requirements to have a credit card is actually very easy, just a photocopy of identity card and paycheck last, the rest is wait. But usually that the clay is how long you've worked and / or references.

Now which one will you choose? If you get confuse try to compare credit cards, pleas try You can compare any best credit cards (HSBC, Visa, Master Card, American Express, etc) all over the world with category like :

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