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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Deflation in March

Indonesia News-After experiencing deflation in March, then in April inflation was predicted to happen again, though thin. Peak harvest period that has passed will stop the rate of decline predicted prices.

Indonesian economists predict inflation in April will reach 0.13%, so a year on year inflation reached 3.90%. BPS recorded at 0.14% deflation in March, so year on year inflation reached 3.43%.

"We estimate that there are no further deflation for overall food prices because the harvest was past its peak," said them.

However, he underlined, the usual number of donated commodities inflation such as rice, sugar and gold is still going down. International sugar prices are listed down 25% since February 10 last.

Overall, core inflation is still relatively stable compared with historical standards.

An increase in domestic steel prices in recent weeks. But this will not directly affect consumer prices.

Some producers are generally still have room to absorb raw material price increases before eventually increasing the selling price. Some of them have made a profit in 2009 following a significant drop in the price of materials or commodities.

With the view that inflation is still tame until this April, estimate BI Rate still at 6.5% level.