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Thursday, January 22, 2009


Made By Waren Buffet

Many people believe that investing in capital market is complex, mysterious and full of risk, so they only smart and clever person able to do it. Often they are so dependent on the formula-complex mathematical formulas, a sophisticated computer program, graphics and technical analysis is difficult. Warren Buffet has shown that all the things that are just myths.
The principle in choosing a stock is very simple, choose the stocks of companies with solid business, easy to understand, has survived long and profitable. He never invest in a business that he does not understand. For example hitech or dotcom companies, he will avoid that. Principally, Looks for a good fundamental Company, managed by a team of solid and honest persons, and the price below the price should be.

Waren believes that each person can be successful without the help broker to invest, capital market specialists and so on. The reason, experts, professionals or investors want to invest the presumption that the capital market is too complicated for most people, because this means good business for them. How many of us take someone who entrust pension or savings to shrink much trouble to be trusted broker or investment manager of the deal on the number of shares to pursue a commission?
Just needed a little knowledge of accounting and financial markets to be able to find a stock in terms Buffett "find money sheet Dollar which sold for 40 cents." This means that each person will need to focus on the investment value, without having to depend on other people. Start by reading the many journals and magazines in the financial reports or newspaper.

What will you do when the company that you hold its stocks are in a bad position? Due to changes in government regulations, for example. Try to see the stock TLKM or ISAT that can represent this situation.
In newspaper written recommendation "sell" or avoid this stock first.
Reactions and your response to these developments represent a very large role in determining the success of your investment.
The wise investor will remain calm in the face of events negative.
Buffett is not the same in the Washington Post have, when the U.S. recession of 1960, through the war, until finally now shares Wasington Post has increased the price thousand percent of the price where he start to buy.
His advice is to buy shares and hold stock from Great Company, and hold for many years. Close the ears of news, analysis and negative rumors about this stock.

Think for 10 years and not for 10 minutes to the front. Buffett suggestion, if you're not ready to hold a stock for a decade, it is better never to buy these shares. Think and dream, if you buy stocks, and the next day exchanges will close for five years.
Please note that some of the market is completely antagonistic to the people who love to go out, and quite friendly to those who buy and maintain. This is due to go out, in addition will increase transaction costs such as broker fees and VAT, and they often lose the moment when the stock prices rose a massive, due to money stuck, because it is hurried to buy stock and the value get smaller because of many Cut Loss.

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