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Monday, January 5, 2009

China Stimulus Plans

China - Hang Seng closed UP before The China Economic Stimulus given Monday, January 5, 2009. Today trade Hong Kong stock closed up because a positive response regarding the perpetrators of the market economic stimulus policies that will be launched by the Chinese government began in January, this month. Based on the reports note that the Chinese government will contribute funds of 586 billion dollars. With the policy stimulus is expected to provide positive signal for economic recovery in China this year 2009.

On the other hand, the regulations implementing the new price for 3G customers user facilities also impact the mobile phone component manufacturer as Foxconn. This condition will increase the demand of consumers who want to use the facilities that 3G will ultimately increase the purchase of mobile phone with 3G.

Hang Seng Index closed 520.50 points or increased 3.5% to 15,563.31 basis points. Meanwhile, the strengthening of the index measure of 604 basis points to be 15,639 points, with the highest level had reached 15,670 points and the lowest level of 15,088 points.

Stock-shares in the strengthening of which is that China Mobile shares rose 4.7%, China Unicom shares rose 7.3%, Lenovo shares rose 5%, shares CNOOc menguat 7.9% and PetroChina shares rose as much as 6.9%. Because Oil price goes up!!

Tommorow, Hang Seng will be support by positive sentiment from the fundamental condition, which going up about 3-4%. But from technical analysis Hang Seng in resistan line 15600 points, if tomorrow can not crossed it going down again, Becarefull!!