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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Good Choice!!!

DOW Jones Industrial 130109
Technical Analysis :
1. Dow crossed MA30, MA40, and MA60 from top to bottom!!
2. Middle line of Bollinger Band had crossed too!!
3. RSI line moved below 50%
4. CCI will reach -100
5. Three RED Soldier, that indicates BEARISH CONDITION!!
6. BUT it is not made DEAD CROSS!!, still can be BULL

Fundamental Analysis :

Exchange movements on the day is also covered by the report concerns about the losses experienced by Citigroup. Yesterday, Citigroup reported a loss of 10 billion dollars in the fourth quarter 2008. Result, the banking company's stock weakened as much as 5% to 5.22 dollars beginning of trade. U.S. stock movements throughout the trading day is estimated to be still moving volatile. Investors apparently are still awaiting the impact of interest rate decrease in European central bank (ECB), which will be held on January 15 to come.

Fed Governor
, Ben Bernanke, who said that the government must work hard to recover the economy. He also rightly claim that there is synergy between the executive and legislative branches are working in conjunction to the economy. Conditions are not based on the rest of the bailout fund of 350 billion dollars by the U.S. Congress. And He said that More BAILOUT for Bank is needed. THATS INDICATE RECESSION IS NOT OVER YET WATCH OUT!!


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