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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Buy Bank and Mining Sector when??

BBCA Chart

This week, Buy Bank sector like BBCA, BMRI, and BDMN.
I choose the Number One Bank sector in IHSG, BBCA (Bank Central Asia Tbk). Why :
1. In the middle of condition like this this stock never fell apart!!
2. Strong Company!!
3. Already GOLDEN CROSS!!
4. RSI (Relative Strength Index) still above 50%
5. CCI (Commodity Channel Index) crossed -100, if cross up tomorrow its BUY point!!
6. Right at MA(Moving Average)30..

If Oil price drop below 40$ do not buy any mining sector just SLEEP, HA3!!

Watch carefully friends, if not cross back CCI -100 and RSI reach 50%, or back below MA30 do not buy
, Because Dow Jones Industrial and Hang Seng condition below MA30!!