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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Tips To Modify your Car

Like fruits, Modifications Car has season too. Moreover, for young people, not slang that did not join the trend. But style mutually costs. Mean liver makes more eye catching car, what the bag was helpless.

Do not worry. You do not need to worry, Modify Cars dreams not only in fantasy. shared a few tricks to make racing car accessories without need a lot of cost.

Angel Eyes Lamp And Led tail lights

Angel eyes and Led Lights very famous in the market. Angel Eyes, sharp eye beam strong impression on the car. Quite easy to make a lamp like that. Led Lights, small amount of tiny lamp woven into a form that cool lamp.

First step, loading head lamp from its place. Then, separate the lid lights, reflectors, and lights.

Keep in mind, separating the head lamp with reflector, do not be too hard. Use a hair dryer or heater. Function, so that the silicone adhesive that can be incorporated with the reflector to melt. That way, the reflector easily removed from the lamp.

After that, give a flat black color of the reflector or head lamp, which depends of the car. Restore again as before. So, we get the angel eyes lamp.


Wheels and tires are couples who can not be separated like a pair of shoes. While tires do not have a model / motif as the value of fashion, but its size greatly affects the appearance when it compared with the appropriate alloy. And of course this requires observation and good taste in selection.


Racing Car Modification or racing style is usually characterized good aerodynamic system and spoiler can help. Among other things, to decorate the car body with spoiler can be used as wind breaker and COOL look. Place, on the back or side skirt.

No need to buy the original in the Service Station. Take advantage of mica or acrylic used. Create a pattern on paper first. After that, a similar pattern of acrylic. To stick, use a double thick adhesive tape. If you are unsure, splitter with drill holes. So did the fender. Relate them with bolts and nuts. Good luck!

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