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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Bapepam said that Beware Foreign Funds

Bapepam chairman Ahmad Fuad Rahmany LK said, although the foreign funds flooded Indonesia, but not the time to limit the entry of foreign funds into the country. "There need be no restrictions on foreign funding. We just have to manage well, "he said in Jakarta yesterday.

Furthermore, he explained, a flood of foreign funds into the country were encouraged improved economic and political conditions in the country. Furthermore, the entry of foreign funds into Indonesia will continue to happen if the investment climate in Indonesia is conducive and the economic situation continued to improve. "What is important, we provide a permanent attraction well, it will be longer foreigners invest in our places," he said.

Although there should be no restrictions on foreign funds, but according to Fuad, market players need to be wary of foreign funds which sometimes can be pulled out.

"However, be aware that's not to deny, but we must be more prepared. We make the steps and advantages policy. Thus, we manage the foreign how to enter as many for the benefit of our nation, "he said.


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