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Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Indonesia - Bakrie stocks finally returned 7 writhing on the bourses. In trading today, all shares of Bakrie 7 gained mastery with a volume of 38.13% and 22.76% transaction value.

During recent weeks, the shares of Bakrie 7 does tend sluggish because of political strife Century Bank scandal compounded by the discourse surrounding the tax case.

So less interest, which is usually 7 Bakrie control transaction value of more than 50% of transactions in Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX), had fallen sharply below 10%. But now, along with nearly finished bailout scandal Century Bank, foreign investors began to back into the trading floor and hunt Bakrie shares 7.

Based on trade data, as quoted IDX, Tuesday (2/3/2010), all shares of Bakrie 7 in trading today experiencing considerable strengthening.

The total value of transactions today Bakrie 7 Rp 736.106 billion, equivalent to 22.76% of the total value of transactions on the Stock Exchange of Rp 3.233 trillion. EARTH stock transaction ranked at the top, unbeaten so far.

Strengthening the shares of Bakrie 7 provides fresh air for JCI. Over the last few days, JCI is moving sideways as the lonely transaction Bakrie shares 7. Understandably, the shares of Bakrie still be a trigger 7 JCI movement.