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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Credit Card Debt Reduction

Credit card is a medium non-cash transaction. This is because the manufacturing process tends to be easier, offers discount for its users and the practicality of use. But of course there are consequences to pay when you used it that is bill. For some people it does not matter but for some other person, sometimes it becomes a new problem. As a result of this rather than simplify your life, but instead charge of your life. You seemed to credit card debt. Here are tips potent to have Credit Card Debt Reduction:

1. Know Your Debt. According to Jeans Chatzky in her book, Pay It Down, From Debt to Wealth on $ 10 a Day, outstanding credit card debt is consuming the most revenue. That's why Jeans suggested that if you are debt free round living debt, which are handled first-debt credit card debt. How? When you're going to do high school reunion 2 months away and your weight is too excessive, which of course you do first is find a scale and measure your weight at the time, and then determine how many kilograms your weight you will reduce the time these 2 months. Analogous to this, when you intend to get out of credit card debt, surely you must find out first how big your debt now. After that, start a target of how much debt you reduce the time period you can specify. Only then you move to the next stage.

2. Card friction stops. How many of your current debt? USD $ 5 million? USD 10 million? Or even more? Surely payment of bills every month quite burdensome. Before your debt, and before you go to the next stage, try to stop using your credit card. At least the card you want to settle debts. Try to hold back. If you want to shop using a debit card, cash or credit card low rate interest. To be sure, do not use credit cards with great interest last? Remember; when you intend to pay off credit card debt, there is only one basic rule: Pay off the highest interest debt first. The reason is, it is the most burdensome. You may have managed to do it at least for a period of 1 month. However, you still feel heavy with that monthly bill intended to round out 'suffering' is. If this is what you want, please go to the next stage.

3. Contact The Credit Card. When you are no longer able to live with the growing number of bills to strangle, contact the credit card becomes a wise step and the next intelligent thing you can do. To deal with this debt you can go to the settlement of credit card debt. Here, you can express your problem is the inability to pay the debt. No one wants his money back unless the creditor. Party credit card may not be so easy to just give you. They still want you back all the debts that have been used. Well, this is where you should have the courage to show the attitude that you are not easy to oppress and you're ready to Debt Negotiation. The tips are not to show fear or give up attitude with the decision given creditors.

4. Negotiate Your Debt. When you are hereby expressly declares that you really cannot solve all these debts, usually the bank will offer you a new schedule of installment payments, or may offer a solution: consolidate your debts into one debt with interest rates relatively low. If you feel up here is enough resolve the debt, you can stop. However, if it was not satisfied, you can go. Because it is you can still seek more. For example, you can ask creditors to eliminate the fee you pay, because it can reduce the total burden of debt that you need to pay off. Usually for debts that have been passed, the publisher of bleaching policies. So, you do not have to pay interest on debt that has passed. In addition, you can also ask for debt relief. For example, your debt on a credit card for Rp6 million, but you only paid us $ 3 million. Well, try to convey to the creditor that you are not able to pay at once; you can also ask for payment by installments over a period that you can negotiate with creditors. Once again, no one wants except the money back, so long as you have a good faith remains pay, regardless of your ability, they will consider it. All you need is to try to negotiate, that's all!

5. Move Your Debt. Should in the fourth step, your debt can be resolved. But if the credit card really must insist you pay off your debt with interest rates at all cannot be changed, then there is no other way than to move your debt to a credit card with a lower interest rate. Or you can take advantage of balance transfer program. These programs typically offer very little interest in the first 3 months, then increased slightly larger in the next month. The new card’s interest lower than old credit card’s interest. So, perhaps this way, you can breathe a little.