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Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Where ADRO go???

When you see technical condition, it is the time for ADRO to choose going UP or going DOWN.

1.ADRO inside BOX. Candlestick moves Up and down between resistance 1892 and support 1782. Hope, candlestick move below 1892. It will be BULL TREND.

2.Candlesticks formed a symmetrical triangle. Candlestick has already broke up that triangle but with low volume.

3.MACD at zero

4.Relative Strength Index at 50%.

In the next one or two weeks the confirmation that ADRO BULL or BEAR will be happened. Watch the VOLUME, bigger the volume bigger chance of trend.

What about IHSG,

1.IHSG break up it’s resistance 2660 with high VOLUME.

2.MACD signal show UP TREND, it will be more GREEN CANDLE in this week.

3.Relative Strength Index still move above 50%

4.When you look Momentum, its very crucial. IHSG still move UP but not for a long time.

My suggestion collective buy choose LQ45 Company. Not the others.