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Thursday, March 25, 2010

chevy truck accessories

The truck is a motor vehicle to transport goods, also known as the car stuff. In the form of a small car called the goods pick-up, whereas a larger form with 3 axes, 1 in front and behind the tandem truck called Container Truck, are used to transport container in the form of patches known as tractor trailers. There are some users who add new truck parts to "add accessories" truck.

Tank Trucks

Tank truck is a truck designed to carry weight is a liquid or gas. To improve the stability in the transport of liquids in the tank, the tank is divided into several compartments separated by a screen-screen. From the truck engine parts truck functions can be determined.


Tanker transport capacity varies from a few thousand liters to 16 thousand liters, and depends also to the gravity of the transported fluid, fuel ranged from 0.7 to 0.8 while the water 1. Truck engine parts is very important functions.

Box truck is a vehicle transport items, which are usually used to transport items, (delivery van) which is inserted in a box made of steel or aluminum. With the existence of a big truck parts, trucking goods part of this box will be protected from rain and wind, and besides that it also protects the goods from the hands of ignorant.

There is also a truck box truck parts / trucking part with cooling used to transport goods easily rotten or damaged because the temperature as to transport the ice, meat, fish, vegetables and fruits.

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