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Friday, February 12, 2010

Stock Rise

China's producer prices in the first months of 2010 rose 4.3 percent, the biggest since October 2008. Based on data reported by central banks, money supply increased 26 percent from the previous month.

Liu Li-Gang, an economist based in Hong Kong which join in Australia & New Zealand Banking Group Ltd., Told Bloomberg, said that urgent monetary tightening policy be done immediately in order to limit the threat of inflation due to rising producer prices, credit growth , exports and an increase in salary.

World oil prices rose amid high hopes of economic recovery plus the assistance of the European Union in resolving the debt problems of Greece. Report U.S. labor data better reflects the economic recovery was a superpower on the right track so that the estimated oil demand will increase. Light sweet oil in New York Mercantile Exchange for March delivery contracts to thicken U.S. $ 0.76 to U.S. $ 75.28 per barrel while Brent North Sea in London climbed U.S. $ 0.51 to U.S. $ 73.05 per barrel.

Japanese Stock Exchange rose for the second time the stock was driven Asagi Glass and Pacific Metals Co.. Who won the increase in profits and positive sentiments from the European Union that will help resolve debt Greece.

Asahi Glass’s shares, a glass manufacturer number 1 in Japan jumped 6.9 percent after annual profit increases and Pacific Metals, a producer of ferronickel and GS Yuasa Corp. get a 7.3 percent projected profits shot.

Stock-commodity-based stocks also experienced a strengthening than today's Nikkei 225 closed up 128.20 pts, or 1.29 percent up to 10,092.19 and the Topix index added 1 percent to 892.16.

Wall Street in trading Thursday (11/02) New York time to fly again supported by positive sentiment from the European Union promised to help Greece in its debt problems. Injections of the U.S. labor market was also able to increase investor interest back into the stock so that the Dow Jones industrial average rose 105.81 yesterday closed up 1.05 pts per cent to 10,144.19 and the Standard & Poor's Index `s 500 increased 10.34 pts or up 0.97 percent to 1078.47 and the Nasdaq index up 29.54 pts or 1.38 percent increase to 2177.41.