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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Create Unique Photo

Today, when browsing through the internet I founding something unique and its very interesting for me. Now I know how to customize my photo easily. With help from I can make good, funny, sexy, unique, and any kind of photo. If you like photo editing you should try this one.

With many social network around you need to customize your photo. You just can not only put your ordinary and ugly photos. Need to make photo collage online, need more refreshment and need to make the interesting one. Do not have to worry, it is very easy to use Follow my instruction :

1.Enter at

2.In this website there is many frame right?? Choose one frame that you like.

3.Upload Your photo from your computer and then click “Create your picture”. And wait just few seconds. Like this one :

4. TARAAAAAAAAA, your new picture its complete. Check please :

With picjoke, you can add fun picture frames, photo collage online, add many effect and unusual frame. There are many frame in picjoke. They have more than 100 effects and we make new effect EVERY DAY. Check their latest frame for newer frame update. NOW ITS TIME to throw away ugly picture and change with COOL ONE.