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Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Composite Stock Price Index (IHSG) to close the trade with an increase of 22 points along with the action of foreign buying of Rp 519.291 billion.

IHSG opened at 2558.606 and immediately levels up to the level of 2581.600. Action on the massive buying stocks made big capitalism IHSG stay in positive territory.

Positive sentiment regional bourses after a sharp increase Asian stock Wallstreet provide fresh air for the IHSG movement today, although IHSG could not pursue a regional index increase. However, IHSG had earlier risen sharply in trading yesterday, when the stock of Hong Kong and Singapore are still off.

As usual, the shares of mining and plantation sectors to support the increase IHSG today. Mining sector stock index rose 30.791 points (1.39%) to the level of 2238.871, while the plantation sector stock index rose 27.159 points (1.48%) to the level of 1859.515.

Activity of foreign investors is very busy with the purchase transaction value of Rp 1.139 trillion, while foreign selling amounted to Rp 620.446 billion. Net purchase value of foreign transactions (foreign net buy) today reached USD 519.291 billion.

In trading Wednesday (17/2/2010), IHSG closed down 22.835 points gained (0.89%) to the level of 2581.340. LQ 45 index also gained 5.565 points (1.11%) to as low as 503.981.

While the rupiah exchange rate to a level close higher 9280 per dollar, compared to yesterday's closing level of 9320 per U.S. dollar.

The shares rose the most active among others, the price of Astra International (ASII) up to Rp 550 to Rp 36,250, Indo Tambang (ITMG) rose Rp 450 to Rp 31,450, Astra Agro (AALI) rose Rp 450 to Rp 24,350, Indika (INDY) rose USD 125 to USD 2400, Bumi Resources (BUMI) rose USD 100 to USD 2425, Sampoerna Agro (SGRO) rose USD 100 to USD 2825, Bukit Asam (PTBA) rose Rp 100 to Rp 16,300.

MY prediction

Oil still in 77$/barrel, choose mining sector.

Becarefull if IHSG can not move to 2558 it can bee bull FAKE. Sell if you already WIN. play fast first coz its still sideways.