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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Compare BUMI with ADRO

I vote for ADRO why?? Check technical ABOVE!!!

1.Moving Average. Look ADRO’s MA lines still move UP and UP. BUMI only move horizontally.

2.Volume. ADRO transaction volume often two times or more higher than Average 200 days volume. BUMI has lowwww VOLUME.

3.Relative Strength Index. BUMI RSI line is sideway or I say still in 50% line. ADRO has very good RSI indicator.

4.MACD. BUMI’s MACD line only spine circle around the zero line. ADRO always moves above the zero line.

ALL technical things above support that ADRO better than BUMI. Today ADRO price is increasing proportional with BUMI price. NEXT ADRO PRICE WILL HIGHER THAN BUMI. WATCHOUT.

ADRO next target 2000

BUMI next target 2800.

I did not say that BUMI is very BAD, but ADRO is better than BUMI for long investment. If you are trader or semi trader try with BUMI.

Follow Stochastic Technical to play trader. BUY when reach 20% then SELL when reach 80%. Easy right!!!

FOR ONE DAY TRADE, BUY when opening is DOWN, Then SELL it when BUMI price moved up 50 point, notttt more than 50 point. Becareful you can lost your money.