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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

First, DOW Theory

For most people DOW theory is regarded as a theory that is not useful.

For the users technical analysis this DOW theory is the basis of technical knowledge of this analysis.

By understanding the theory will be obtained DOW thorough understanding of technical analysis.

At this time most people were given direct instruction on Technical Indicators. Which must be understood is the Technical Indicator is a small part of the Technical analysis. still many technical analysis metode2 as Dow Theory, Elliott Wave, Gann, Fractal, Chaos, EMH, volume analysis, market Commitment, etc

The main problem that occurs is because most people learn the science of technical analysis in a form that is fragmented and incomplete then created a different conclusion that the various technical technique above analysis is different, too.

Many simple questions such as

1. Candlestick: There are nearly 500 candlestick formations, but which are effectively used??

Answer: To be able to use the candlestick in trading is not merely memorize the candlestick patterns and make each interpretation but need a Commitment understanding of the market price formation and the origin. To be able to understand the concept of candlestick pattern formation and not the pattern of what is happening today.

2. Moving Average: Why is the use of moving average period masing2 different people?

Answer: Note first how to calculate moving averages and the like where implementing analysis using moving averages to trade etc. based on 8 rules of moving averages. The most important rules first use a clear indicator, not a problem periods different.