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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Stocks that worthed to BUY right NOW

If you follow My LAST suggestion here you should've bought the stock that I commanded.

1.ADRO 1950, NOW 2050, SELL POINT 2150.

2.SMCB 2150, NOW 2250, If can broke up 2300 next SELL POINT IS 2400

3.ELSA 420 Leave this stock behind it getting low and lower. And it doesn’t have good volume.

Below are a list of Shares that are still worth buying:

1.ANTM 1950, Good Relative Strength Index and MACD.

2.BBCA 5650. Good Relative Strength Index and all shares in the bank group are increased.

3.SGRO 2300, Good Relative Strength Index and MACD.

4.PGAS BUY NOW, High Volume, Good Relative Strength Index, MACD, golden cross.

That all the shares that I observe, apologize if any errors!!! THANK YOU


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