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Sunday, July 25, 2010


Stocks on Wall Street jumped sharply along with the increase of profit performance companies are positive, after the economic crisis that hit the country.

General Electric (GE) to be the principal cause of increasing the stock index S & P 500 to reach 1100 levels. GE shares rose 3.3% in trading Friday (23/07/2010).

In Friday trading yesterday, shares of Dow Jones index rose 102.32 points or 0.99% to 10424.62. S & P 500 Index also rose 8.99 points, or 0.82% to a level of 1102.66. Then the Nasdaq rose 23.58 points, or 1.05% to 2269.47.

Composite Stock Price Index (IHSG) ended this weekend trade with the strengthening of 32 points through the 3030 resistance level. Action of foreign buying of USD 790 billion to become one of the trigger factor.

Composite Index opened slightly higher level to 3010.315 and then rose sharply to levels even touching 3051.365, shot 42 points from yesterday's closing level at 3009.923.

Since the beginning of trading, investors buy massive action on a giant seed stocks in all sectors. JCI sharp shot went straight through the resistance level for today's trading at 3030 levels. Along trades, JCI continues to stay above those levels.

Strengthening commodity stocks sharply plantation and mining became the main driver of strengthening JCI today. INCO shares which are reportedly negotiating with ANTM to supply one million tons of nickel went up sharply to reach 7% with the highest transaction value.
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