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Sunday, July 11, 2010

IMF Predict US Economic Increase 4,2 percent

International Monetary Fund (IMF) predict the global economic growth until the end of 2010 reached 4.6 percent or an increase than the previous prediction of 4.2 percent. The rise of these estimates reflected strong enough economic activity in the first half of 2010 despite the turmoil caused by the debt crisis of Europe.

Strengthening the economy will continue until the year 2011 is predicted to reach 4.3 percent by turbulence caused by the crisis that risks decrease. It's just that the debt problem in the European region could be inhibiting the recovery of the global economy.

Meanwhile, economic growth in the United States (U.S.) in 2010 was estimated at 3.3 percent, 1 percent Euro area, and developing countries in Asia 9.2 percent. As for Asian countries such as China and India is expected to increase 10.5 percent and 9.4 percent.

Consumer borrowing in the United States (U.S.) in the period May slumped more than expected, the signal was lost Uncle Sam's country pursue growth opportunities without any movement in the labor market in that month. Consumer borrowing fell by around U.S. $ 9 billion, followed a decrease of U.S. $ 14 billion in April. It was reported on the Federal Reserve (Fed). This decrease in consumer loans was much larger than expected among economists who expect a decrease of U.S. $ 2.3 billion.

Check my technical analysis on Dow Jones Industrial.

1.Candlestick broke UP it’s Moving Average 30 line. After experiencing a UP in few days and it formed four green candle.


3.Momentum not in GOOD CONDITION. It still indicate that’s not BIG UP TREND!

4.Relative Strength Index broke up 50%line.

Dow Jones Industrial already in BULL position. if you want to buy shares, buy it when candlestick move above TOP (10512). Just be careful can be formed head and shoulder!!!!


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