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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

World Cup Effect The Market

Like a giant magnet to absorb the entire attention of the population of planet Earth, at least for fans of sports that the majority of football, World Cup obviously divert whatever.

It is said that the United States invasion of Iraq a few years ago suddenly stopped and the two countries entered into a ceasefire agreement to witness this grand performance.

And much more nuanced same story that proves the power of this exercise in making the transfer.

No escape, the world capital market was affected follow-up. All investors know that every World Cup took place, the movement slowed down and damaged the stock market tends not excited. That applies worldwide.

Let a little opening note the stock market a few years ago. More precisely, the period of June 9 until July 9, 2006, when the last World Cup in progress.

In 2006, CSPI's position is still at 1300 levels. Average daily trading volume during the year 2006 recorded 1.805 billion shares, while the average daily transaction value amounted to USD 1.841 trillion.

In May 2006 period, average daily volume was recorded 2.925 billion shares, while the daily transaction value of USD 2.919 trillion.

In the period of June 2006, suddenly the average daily volume slumped by more than half of the 1.194 billion shares, with an average value of daily transactions amounting to Rp 1.322 trillion. This sudden decline occurred simultaneously with the 2006 World Cup performances.

In the period of July 2006, the continuing decline in line with the World Cup which began entering the final round which was finally closed on July 9, 2006. Daily average volume of JCI in July 2006 amounted to 1.029 billion shares at an average of daily transactions amounting to Rp 1.419 trillion.

In the period of August 2006, when the World Cup 2006 has ended, the market was slowly recovering. Daily average volume of JCI in July 2006 amounted to 1.715 billion shares, with average transaction value of USD 1.777 trillion daily.

The big question, where the purchasing power of money and gone so suddenly sluggish stock movement and minimal transaction every time the World Cup took place. A number of rumors, said ports for stock market

while transferring the money into international football gambling market.

True? Difficult to determine. Only experience can be used as a reference.


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