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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The New Solution of Marketing

Many big company need a new idea of marketing strategy. Usually they promote their product or name from newspaper, television, poster, billboard and internet (like facebook, twitter, etc). But have you ever think to promote your product with the new idea. If follow different marketing strategy your company will get better from your competitor. It called mobile marketing.

Today everyone use a mobile phone and they love, read and send text messaging. With this marketing not need to spending a lot of money. Just send a message to everyone. You can spread mobile coupons When I surfing through the internet, I found that Cellit Mobile Marketing and House4Cell.

They offer a great solution to promote your product. Through this can help to create marketing campaign. Just need to create shortcodes. It is a unique five digits number like 55.555 (that’s used on American Idol). Along with the era of mellenium, this opens the opportunity for parties to expand the reach of consumers through mobile marketing. Try to see leading companies and organizations such as Coca Cola, HSBC, Nestle, all organizations and the company has expanded its marketing reach through mobile system, thus increasing their consumer and includes all circles throughout the world. It would expand the reach of your marketing and increase consumer opportunities for your company.