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Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Maybe, now everyone or all my friend ask me. Why Indonesia Stock Exchange do not going UP and UP again. First, although the economic situation in Indonesia is in good condition, the situation in other countries are not the same. Second IHSG is not The Market Leader in the world, it follow Dow Jones or HangSeng. Third, after Greece fall in crisis now Hungary fell too. Do not expect IHSG will go up alone if the other still in SIDEWAYS.

IHSG Technical Condition :

1.DEAD CROSS happened

2.Momentum in BAD condition. The distance between Momentum 200D with Momentum MA200D going further.

3.Relative Strength Index still move below 50%.

My habit, I would not to buy any stock if Candle Stick still move below moving average 30 and Momentum 200D still under Momentum MA200D. Now I still move out from the stock exchange n wait till my timing.

If you want to buy my suggestion buy Crude Palm Oil Company like ADRO, SGRO, AALI. They are the BEST.